AndrÉ Gohr And Caio Godoy Show Their Evolution Thanks To The CBC Interchange Project

Continuing the investment in the basic categories of Brazilian road cycling, the Brazilian Cycling Confederation (CBC), sponsored by Caixa Econômica Federal, will follow another stage of the Interchange Project, which aims to develop the level of Brazilian cyclists.From March, Caio Godoy returns to the training routine at the World Cycling Center (CMC) of the International Cycling Union (UCI) in Aigle, Switzerland. The São Paulo joins the Santa Catarina André Gohr, who has been in Europe since January and together they will complete the third season in the CMC.

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Well adapted to routine with daily pedaling, in addition to the cycling water bottles in the gym, André highlights the various benefits gained from the exchange. “Day by day is always supervised, with training varying according to our schedule of competitions. The technical committee is always watching, correcting, improving and this gives us a lot of security. But the best part is certainly the exchange of experiences with cyclists from all over the world.It’s a great learning experience, “said the 19-year-old, who has excelled in the counter-clock tests. In 2015, for example, the Brazilian won the Giro du Nord Vaudois event months after recovering from a fracture in the The first challenge of 2016 will be next week, 20th, in Belgium.

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After a successful 2015, such as the Bourg Em Bresse GP and the Coligny Prix, as well as an excellent participation in the Tour de l’Avenir-the Sub-23 Tour de France-Caio Is also going to his third year at CMC with even more exciting expectations. “The results show how fast and efficient the evolution is here. We have a highly skilled multidisciplinary team so that we can develop at all levels and there is also the chance to compete in several high level events in the European circuit, one of the strongest I’m going to continue trying to do my best and train hard for the next competitions, “said the 20-year-old cyclist preparing to face the Giro de Trentino in Italy, scheduled between April 17 and 22.

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Interchange Project

The Brazilian Cycling Confederation (CBC), sponsored by Caixa Econômica Federal, invests and works towards the development of cycling in its four Olympic disciplines (BMX, Road Cycling, Mountain Bike – MTB and Track Cycling).

In partnership with the International Cycling Union (UCI), CBC conducts the “Interchange Project/CMC”, which provides Brazilian athletes with an opportunity to improve their skills and acquire a great international experience.

The athletes are concentrated in the World Cycling Center in Aigle, Switzerland, where they receive all the necessary infrastructure, from basic equipment such as helmet, sneaker and accessories, to the follow-up of a multidisciplinary team selected by the ICU directly for the development of team.