Outdoor play is healthy for kids and not only!. That’s why, the event dedicated to the outdoor game, dedicated to the flight, which was held in Monza with the Air Hogs, it was so fun! Let’s see how things went.

You Go out and Play! When the Game Makes You Fly
Saturday we spent an afternoon special to play with games outdoor Air Hogs in dehors de kitchens of Villa Reale in Monza, the exclusive food court overlooking the magnificent park of the villa.

More than 100 games have been made available to children and families from Spin Master, the leading company in the toy industry and entertainment for children.

There were launching planes which are used as a slingshot, rockets that take flight by jumping over the launch pad, flying saucers as big as UFOs, styrofoam and gliders radio-controlled models.

You Go out and Play! When the Game Makes You Fly 2
Great fun for everyone, young and old, who challenged each other for two hours in the beautiful setting of the Park of villa reale.

Simple games but spectacular because the planes have unique stunts, the missiles take off and fly sky-high, the rotating discs that you can inflate with helium air that both arrive there where no frisbee ever could and the girls flew Flutterbye fairies from flower to flower, imagining stories full of magic.

A healthy fun: just leave the House and seek a meadow or a space wide enough to indulge in the fun.
And because there’s afternoon game without snack, the kitchen of Villa Reale offered the kids a delicious apple pie and a genuine fresh lemonade.

You Go out and Play! When the Game Makes You Fly 3
A really fun afternoon and there is no wonder why the Spin Master is since 1994 offering innovative games and award-winning brands like the Air Hog. Paw Patrol, Bakugan and from 2013 has also purchased the Meccano, historical brand in the construction industry.
And it’s immediately drone!


Happy Pudding Jump on the App Store

Happy Pudding Jump on the App Store

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