The buttocks It is a part of the body that are always interested in working in the summer. There are multiple options to do so. Since the stairs machine, free weight or in Group classes. Anything goes for buttocks firm at the time get the swimsuit.

The stairs machine It is an interesting option, although we already said in HowStuffWorks should be careful with this option, since it is considered aerobic machine, but to be a very localized and intense work, with 10 minutes may be more than sufficient. If you’re used to it may alternate with other exercises making series of 10 minutes.

With the weights a good exercise are the squats, always taking care of a correct execution. The first moment of the rise in the squat is which especially requested the work of the buttocks, that tries to make this part of the movement slow and also at the time of the descent.

Also can be worked the buttocks without weight or machine, simply putting us in cuadrupedia in soil, stretching a leg and rising a little bit upwards. Three sets of 15 reps with each leg will help to tone the area.

And for my taste the best choice are the classes, such as the step o body pump, the work is not very intense but perfect to tone the buttocks. In the step are working them continuously whenever we go up the step and in body pump almost half of the session is usually devoted to sit-ups and leg exercises.