The Multipower is a machine of Bodybuilding You can work the large muscle groups and virtually the whole body. The main exercises we can do in it are: squats, press of banking and military press, working therefore almost the entire upper and lower train.

Many like to use this machine and others prefer the free cufflinks or bar weight. The Multipower it not is neither good nor bad, it all depends on how use you it and our preferences for training. Let’s look at the pros and cons of this machine:

    • Advantages: no aid needed to work alone with heavy weights. For beginners, it is a good way to learn the weights correctly. A machine can work the major muscle groups. They usually have associated upper JAWS to work dominated, making them even more complete. Hey, we have an all in one in a small space.
    • Disadvantages: It borders the gesture and that sometimes leads to discomfort or small lesions. We got used to make automatic gesture uncontrolled ascent or descent, which limits muscle work, not something that occurs with cufflinks.


The ideal is to Toggle Multipower free weight exercise machine, not getting to the muscle to a limited movement. If going alone and have wanted to put weight the Multipower is the safest option and if we are getting into weight training also is a good way to learn the mechanics of the gesture.

Nor is the perfect fitness machine or nor should we discourage it, it is one more way of working in the gym and give variety in training.