Strolls Through The New Cycle-Leisure Track With Groups Of Cyclists From São Paulo Inaugurate The Pedala Mogi Project, Which Will Be Inaugurated Next Sunday, The 15th

Traveling by bicycle is much more than a leisure activity, it is also an economic activity and, in Europe alone, already moves more than 44 billion euros. The presence of the bicycle as urban transport in developed countries is part of people’s daily lives. European cities stimulate the use of cycling as an incentive for socialization, leisure and tourism. To make bicycle use a viable activity, it is necessary to create an intermodal structure. In several cities in developed countries it is possible to find buses with a frontal support to transport up to three bicycles, trains with reserved space, and even airports are already accustomed to receiving bicycles.

In São Paulo, in addition to a significant increase in the number of bicycle lanes and cycle lanes, other measures have been adopted, such as the transportation of bicycles on CPTM trains on Saturdays from 2:30 p.m. and on Sundays and holidays all day. In addition, there is also the Bicicletário of Expresso Turístico (exclusive for bicycle transport), a trip that starts at Luz station every second Saturday of the month.

Mogi das Cruzes has had positive repercussions among cyclists from São Paulo and region, and recently attracted the interest of a great international bicycle brand. On the 20th of this month the company administrator and creator of Ciclofemini Bicycle School, focused on women, Claudia Franco, in partnership with Specialized, will bring six friends to the city to take a cycle tour with stainless steel water bottles reviewed by The idea is also to test the new Dolce Evo bike and show that women of different ages can pedal and feel the taste of freedom and adventure around the world. In all there will be three days pedaling along the trails of Mogi das Cruzes and region.

Masp’s free run will be the starting point: the six cyclists will cycle to Estação da Luz, where they will take a train to Mogi das Cruzes, accommodating themselves in the last wagon, where they can enter with bicycles. In Mogi, will run about 50 km passing through the center and clearing asphalt and dirt roads of the municipality. On the 22nd, the last day of cycling, the group will end with a tour of our new cycle-leisure track, the Pedala Mogi project, which will be inaugurated next Sunday (15/11). Through the path of the Pedala Mogi the group will know all the attractions and charms of our rich historical center. Throughout this adventure, the cyclists will be accompanied by the photographer Guto Gonçalves, specializing in sports, and will also make personal records, sharing their experiences in their communication channels and social networks. The idea is to gather vast material for the production of reports and a documentary sponsored by Specialized.

In Mogi das Cruzes there are many cycling groups, which already occupy our roads mainly at weekends, there are Touristic Paths for pedestrians and cyclists, the “Path of Salt” and the “Franciscan Route-Frei Galvão”, which now allied with the Launch of the Pedala Mogi Project, leave the city ever stronger in the Brazilian Cycling scene.