Use of Weed Fish

Unwanted fish can prevail, especially when it comes to stimulating feeding carp. How many times has happened to hunt presses or bream, carp bite when suddenly? Making other fish to eat can be a real edge when fishing for carp. Weed fish can muddy the water and attract carp to you.

Obviously, I will not eat places where they will hunt and I will scatter a certain amount of particles to deliberately draw all kinds of fish, like to draw the attention of carp. This is especially effective in the fall and winter when the water temperature drops and the carp need a little more encouragement to begin eating.

By combining painted methods may make the unwanted fish to eat healthy, attract carp, but at the same time reduce the possibility to catch smaller species-a real weapon!

Weed Fishing Lures 1

Avoid Bright Colors

Most weed fish seem to love brightly colored bait, especially yellow, red and orange. So brown and other dark baits are the best options and the use of the same types of identical colors in food will help to hide the hook with the bait you on the spot. In some cases this is in the opposite position with the written-a tendency to make the bait look as much as possible attractive, but really helps the bait you remain undisturbed and available. While carp finally come.

Long Hair

Although the size and color are factors, the use of longer hair is probably the most effective way to reduce the number of unpleasant fish catch. Fishing with large baits and short hair can still lead to attachment of unwanted fish as they seem to have a habit somehow to the paw hook when attacking bait.When using longer hair, combined with greater or more notation bait, you dramatically reduce your chances to catch unwanted species. Even if little fish manages to gobble the whole or part of the bait, hook blade can not be driven.

Weed Fishing Lures 2

I have cases where I have watched tench take a 20 mm ball in his mouth, leaving baited feels the weight of lead and placing the artificial bait manufactured by China supplier. The fish was not gore because the hook was outside and away from your mouth, leaving the bait in the water ready if someone came carp to eat. Because of their much larger mouths, carp will be very well attached to long hair; in fact, in many situations, I believe that the longer hair can actually be more effective screening of large fish.

Soon I used these techniques on 48-hour trip on the lake.Hunting near the old wooden dike, I could observe the spots me and fed by hand.Several 21 mm N-Gage XP balls placed on selected me places and several kilograms of hemp and other seeds scattered widely winepress to keep around. During the outing he had presses that sought spots. During the first 24 hours I received a rare indication during the day and night, and I’m sure they were presses, which raised the biggest bait. However, because of the long hair and the difficulty they had with taking the bait, I caught only one tench for the entire trip. Last night I had incessant cries, but at 2:30 in the morning followed by Run monotonous tone and strong bending of the stick indicates that the culprit was carp. After fierce fighting 18-pound mirror carp rolled in kepa.

Weed Fishing Lures 3

I’m sure if I had not used these techniques in  fishing for carp that I described above, I would be killed by presses again and again and would not catch this stunning mirror carp. I hope my experience and methods above to help you avoid these small fish and put some bonus carp of mattresses this year.