US 56 and 69 in Oklahoma

By | October 30, 2022

US 56 in Oklahoma

US 56
Begin Clayton
End Elkhart
Length 71 mi
Length 114 km
New Mexico

Boise City


According to iamaccepted, US 56 is a US Highway in the US state of Oklahoma. The road forms an east-west route through the far west of the state, in the so-called “Oklahoma Panhandle”. The road is 114 kilometers long.

Travel directions

De US 56 in Boise City.

East of Clayton in New Mexico, US 56 in New Mexico enters the state of Oklahoma from Springer. The road is then double -numbered with US 412 and US 64 and has one lane in each direction. The road runs at an altitude of 1,400 meters but is quite flat because this section runs over the High Plains. You then cross the Beaver River and after about 50 kilometers you reach the town of Boise City, where you cross US 385, the road from Dalhart in Texas to Lamar in Colorado. One also crosses the US 287, which runs from Amarillo in Texascomes and continues on US 385. Just east of Boise City, US 64 exits along with US 412, running east to Guymon. Then follow long straight miles to the Kansas border in Elkhart. US 56 in Kansas then continues to Dodge City.


US 56 was added to the network in 1957. The route has not changed in Oklahoma since then. At the time, the route northeast of Keyes was still unpaved, a gravel road or dirt road. This part was not asphalted until 1962.

Traffic intensities

The road is very quiet, with 470 vehicles crossing the New Mexico border every day, and the busiest section is in Boise City with 3,400 vehicles where US 385 and US 287 converge. After the US 64/US 412 have turned off, the intensity drops to 670 vehicles.

US 69 in Oklahoma

US 69
Get started Jacket
End picher
Length 261 mi
Length 420 km








North McAlester


Coal Creek Road

Rock Creek Road






1110 Road


North Checotah


Wainwright Road










According to, US 69 is a US Highway in the US state of Oklahoma. The road forms a north-south route in the east of the state, connecting Colbert at the Texas border via Muskogee to Picher at the Kansas border. Portions of the road are interstate, such as between Colbert and Caddo, and between McAlester and Muskogee. The remainder of the route consists mainly of four-lane trunk roads, with the northernmost section being a single-lane trunk road. The road is partially double-numbered with US 75. The entire route is 420 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 69 near Miami in northeastern Oklahoma.

The road starts as a highway with freeway standards at the Red river at Colbert. From here, the road heads south into Texas to Dallas, and north to Tulsa. After Colbert, the highway status is interrupted, and the road is a regular main road. At Durant, however, there is again a section of highway. Here you cross the US 70, which runs from Ardmore in the direction of Hugo. At Caney, highway status ends again. In Atoka, US 75 turns north, while US 69 continues straight toward McAlester and Muskogee. The road runs along the Atoka Reservoir through a hilly area. At Savanna one crosses the Indian Nation Turnpike, which runs between Hugo and Henryetta, and then one arrives at McAlester, a regional town in southeastern Oklahoma with 18,000 inhabitants.

Another section of highway begins in McAlester, which stretches for a hundred kilometers. One comes over and along the large Eufaula Lake, one of the largest lakes in Oklahoma. The highway crosses several branches of the reservoir via dams, and intersects with Interstate 40 at Checotah , which runs from Oklahoma to Little Rock, Arkansas. Just before Muskogee, the highway status ends, and the road becomes a regular main road. One passes along the west side of Muskogee, which has a population of 38,000, the largest town on the route of US 69 in Oklahoma. One also crosses the Arkansas River here, and the Muskogee Turnpike, which runs to Tulsa.

From Muskogee, the road is a four-lane main road, passing through Wagoner, a regional town north of Muskogee. To the east is the Fort Gibson Lake reservoir. At Chouteau one crosses US 412, which runs from Tulsa to Springdale. At Big Cabin, one crosses Interstate 44, which runs from Tulsa to Saint Louis, Missouri. You pass through the town of Vinita, after which US 69 briefly follows I-44. One passes through Miami, with 14,000 inhabitants the last larger town in this part of Oklahoma. At Picher one eventually crosses the border into Kansas.


US 69/75 at Durant.

US 69 was created in 1926, but it ran no further south than Kansas City at the time. In 1935 the route was extended south to Texas, passing through Oklahoma. When it was created in 1935, several sections of US 69 were already paved, but no long through sections. That was already improved in the late 1930s, as US 69 was considered one of the most important through routes. In the mid-1940s the entire route was asphalted.

From the early 1960s, US 69 was widened into a divided highway with several sections of freeway. The first part of this opened about 1961 at the Texas borderup to Colbert. About 1967 the divided highway from McAlester to Checotah (I-40) was constructed. In 1968 the section around Atoka was doubled to 4 lanes. In the early 1970s the route between Mcalester and Checotah was made grade separated. The Checotah bypass opened in the mid-1970s. In the late 1970s, the highway from Checotah to Muskogee was opened. Beginning in the early 1980s, US 69 between Durant and McAlester was doubled to 2×2 lanes. A start was made in the mid-1980s to double the route from Muskogee to Vinita, the first section opening around Pryor circa 1985. This went quickly and was completed in 1987. In 1988 the southern part was also completely widened to 4 lanes.

US 69 in Oklahoma