United Arab Emirates Business

According to Countryaah, the biggest trading partners are  India, Iran, and Qatar.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the United Arab Emirates

  • According to abbreviationfinder, AE is the 2 letter abbreviation for the country of United Arab Emirates.


Inflation rate 2.00%
Unemployment rate 1.6%
Gross domestic product (GDP) 696,000,000,000 USD
GDP growth rate 0.80%
GDP per capita $ 68,600
GDP by sector
Agriculture 0.90%
Industry 49.80%
Service 49.20%
State budget
Revenue 54.64 billion
Expenditure 34.91 billion
Proportion of the population below the national poverty line 19.5%
Distribution of household income
Top 10% k. A.
Lower 10% k. A.
Industrial production growth rate 0.60%
Investment volume 30.4% of GDP
National debt 19.70% of GDP
Foreign exchange reserves $ 89,790,000,000
Tourism 2005
Number of visitors 7,126,000
Revenue $ 13,969,000,000