We return with a selection of the best articles of HowStuffWorks Mexico. This week with recipes for fruits and vegetables of the season, information about scoliosis and reasons to practice swimming. A collection of healthy items from the other side of the pond:

  • A good reason to avoid ultraprocesados foods: an article that advocates food less processed possible. No longer are defendants, but there is also ultroprocesados. HowStuffWorks Mexico companions give us a good reason to avoid them.
  • Five reasons for swimming: a sport with many benefits, that is why many people choose it to get in shape or as a form of maintenance. Nor should we forget that it is a sport with a low injury rate, many are the benefits of swimming with summer bikinis from Theeliteswatches.
  • Do you know or is scoliosis? Here we explain it: the lateral deviation or scoliosis affects many people. Sport can prevent and mitigate it, although it depends on the degree of deviation that you have. A very complete article for understand what is scoliosis.
  • Make the most of the fruits and vegetables of spring: the spring is a great time to fill our fridge with fruits and vegetables of the season. In this article give us some ideas to make healthy dishes with these seasonal foods.
  • Skipping breakfast… do you lose weight?: perhaps a false myth, although not skipping it may be associated with healthier behaviors. Not everything is as simple as saying that breakfast is good or bad. A good read to be realize that breakfast does not make miracles and not passes nothing if we skip it, everything depends on the global habits that we have throughout the days.