We all know that the variation of training It allows to obtain advances in it, since the muscles experience a new requirement that must respond with a superior effort, because the movement do not automatically.

There are many ways to vary in a workout, but at the time of promote the development of the biceps, one of the easier to innovate ways is to make use of the the joint turns, i.e., use the Supination and the pronation to include changes in the routine of training.

Turn or tilt the wrist not only it can bring changes to the training, but it modifies the part of the biceps more being worked, achieving, through the combination of different spins, the biceps exercise fully and with greater advances due to modifications of the routine.

Can also be used the elbow angle rotation to innovate in the movements and increase the effectiveness of the exercise. Therefore, the angle and spin of elbows and wrists can change countless times, no need for a large number of series that can culminate sobreentrenando biceps, which of itself, are a small muscle group with greater possibilities of fatiguing them quickly.

I.e. with the money or the use of Supination and pronation, varied techniques in a same movement can be and although it is not created, worked parts vary, next to the effort made by the biceps, therefore achieved a greater and I full muscular development in the upper part of the arm.

Take the bar in Supination, involves the grip with palms facing up and a separation of the shoulder width. You can also make a curl dumbbell biceps alternated with Supination, i.e., Cufflinks are taken into semipronation and while bending, it begins a Supination or external wrist rotation.

Take the bar in pronation involves a grip with the Palm of the hand facing the floor or down.

As you can see, turns allow to include many different movements, with which we work every muscle and demand a bit more without having to spend long hours training biceps, thus avoiding, overtrain the same.