At this point already many you noticed that I like very much the order, the room of the children in the House does not have to be an exception, it is obviously a space not so sober as those of adults and such time can be a little more flexible with the distribution of elements inside but that also means that personal items and toys must be pulled out there.

Thing is also worse if we realize that children at a certain age are the inhabitants of the House that more different objects used in it, blame for adults is that they have such a large number of toys and things to pass the time, but it is a reality and it is important to find site, Trio Animal Bag is a complement of Boon designed to keep toys that I liked.

It is basically a bag so if it is empty we can save the occupying little space, is also divided into three compartments, What will help us to save dolls and toys with certain order, finally the great size and shape, if the toys which we keep inside are cuddly, for example stuffed animals, allow use as sleeping pad, or pouf to sit.

It is a decorative supplement suitable for a room and games room child, functional in various aspects, such as storage space and as a seat, cheerful color and practical for the child… in short, a good idea.