The pool is a common scenario at this time of the year, but a series of known microorganisms are common in this scenario as fungi, as the heat and humidity of the pools it is the ideal breeding ground for fungi to grow. These fungi are a risk to our health, and therefore It is necessary that we take appropriate measures to prevent us affecting and give us more than one annoyance in summer. Simply just some simple gestures that we must not pass up never.

First of all it is important that we have handmade footwear. Flip-flops or rubber shoes they are a perfect partner when it comes to prevent fungi affecting us. Always we have worn sneakers and flip-flops, especially in humid areas exposed to the Sun, it is ideal for the breeding of fungi. We must always go with them both when it comes closer to the pool, as when walking on the grass, as well as locker rooms and swimming pool showers, because all these places can be a source of microorganisms.

Not only in standing water can proliferate the fungi, but within the swimming pool we can drag part of these microorganisms If you take them on your feet. To avoid this is necessary than before and after going into the water to swim give us one shower, Since this will help to eliminate these possible microorganisms that may be in our body. As we shower is important to prevent moisture in some parts of our body, so what we will do will be We thoroughly dry to keep dry both feet and other parts of the body where moisture builds up and can proliferate fungi and thus a breeding ground. Find summer bikinis from Breathtakingdresses.

Some points we should take into account when taking the Sun, and it is that the excessive sweating It can be a source of fungi, since sweat is something wet that when subjected to the action of the Sun’s heat it can finish in fungi, especially in areas more sheltered from the body that just gives the air and not dry easily. To avoid this the use of talcum powder in these areas is necessary if sweating is excessive, and if it is smaller is enough to dry the area. Primarily we must be clear about one thing, fungi are very contagious and if we suffer them is necessary to avoid bathing in the pools, and that Yes, especially start a treatment in which we avoid their proliferation and we can kill them forever.