It begins the final stretch of our half marathon training. Last week of training with volume, where we also get a more intense day of short series. This week will make the longer circulation of training: 18 km.

We remind you that training you can follow them here on the blog or through our social networks: in and Twitter. And for those who have just come to this challenge of the 21 k, You can read the post from presentation to find out all you need.

Training plan Marathon: week 8

Although we don’t specify it on the table, we recommend to do a warm up before each session. As well, it will come very well do stretches at the end of each workout. Mostly in sessions intense, warming and the return to calm they are fundamental to yield better and avoid injuries.

  • Monday: rest.
  • Tuesday: short series. Ten series of four hundred meters at rapid pace. Two minutes rest between series and series. The last two series we can do at very fast pace (R4) fatigue permitting us.
  • Wednesday: day of short shooting to loosen legs of the series from the previous day. We will make nine kilometres at normal pace and ended up with two kiloemtro at rapid pace.
  • Thursday: strength training. We will do a fullbody routine to work the whole body strength.
  • Friday: fartlek training. We will do two kilometers to normal rhythm and a kilometer at rapid pace. We will repeat this sequence three times. This training will come us very well to improve running speed and that body is not accustomed to the rhythm of normal trot.
  • Saturday: day of rest.
  • Sunday: long taxiway, the longer we’ll do all the training for the half marathon, reaching the eighteen kilometers followed at normal pace. If last week we could with seventeen, this long running will not be much problem and we strengthen the feeling of knowing that we can with the 21 k.

General training guidelines

In all the trainings we will use different rhythms of career. Let’s try to define how will be those rhythms: