Training Exercises Drop-Down to Do at Home

Some exercises that can be done at home with tape-can be squat, row, and bending, for example. The training suspended with tape is a type of physical exercise which is carried out with the weight of the body and that allows you to exercise all of your muscles and joints at the same time, helping to lose weight, tone, reduce sagging and losing the cellulite.

To do the exercises you need tapes, which are easy to carry and, therefore, allow you to do the workout at home, in the garden, on the street or in the academy, and can be used in training individual or in group classes with the physical educator. This equipment is produced by various brands such as Bioshape, Stronger, Torian or TRX, for example, and can be purchased at sporting goods stores, gyms or on the internet.

Benefits of suspension training

The training drop-down is a type of training functional and has several benefits such as:

  • Exercise all the muscles of the body at the same time;
  • Develop strength, because it causes constant contraction of the muscles;
  • Gain balance, flexibility and coordination, because it increases the stability of the joints;
  • Improve posture, since it works the core;
  • Help weight loss, because it increases the metabolism;
  • Decreases cellulite, especially in the legs, because it occurs loss of fat mass is located.

For results with hanging ribbon to be most effective must be associated with aerobic exercises such as running, which are good for increasing the spend subsequently to begin the construction daily and decreasing the accumulated fat in the body and, weight training exercise, which are essential to cause muscle growth.

Training Exercises Drop-Down to Do at Home 1

The price of the tape for training suspended

The tape for training suspended costs on average between 100 real and $ 500 and usually the equipment to do the workout of suspension contains 1 tape training,1 carabiner and 1 grounding takes for the door, tree or pole.

How to use the tape for training suspended

To correctly use the equipment must:

  1. Put the hook or the grounding takesin a part of the tape, and check if it is well closed;
  2. Attach the karabiner or the grounding takes in the place where you want to pin,like a tree or pole or door. In the case of using the grounding takes port, you must first close the door and lock it to not get hurt in case of open;
  3. Adjust the size of the stripsto the size of the person and the exercise that you want to do.
  4. However, before you use the equipment for this type of training is vital to read the instructions, because the mode of use may vary cm the brand of the equipment.

5. Exercises with tape training suspended

Some of the exercises with ribbon for suspension training include:

7.  Exercise 1 – Row

To perform the rowing reversed, you should:

  1. Position your body directly in front of the tapes and to lean backwith the arms extended and while keeping your back straight. The support of the feet varies with the inclination of the body, and only supported on the heels.
  2. Pull the weight of the body forward with the arms, squeezing the shoulder blades and not moving the legs.

To hinder the exercise, you should walk to the front, because the greater the slope of the body the greater the difficulty of the exercise.

Training Exercises Drop-Down to Do at Home 2

Exercise 2 – Squat

Use the tapes sleep is a great way to perform the squat properly. This way, you should:

  1. Grab hold of the tapesof the suspension;
  2. Play the hip downas if it was sitting in a chair;
  3. Climb up to become with their legs almost extended.

In addition, when you already mastered the technique of the squat you can perform the squat with only one leg, and one should:

  1. Put a foot on the ground and the other is fixed on the handle of the tape,bending the knee;
  2. Squatto slightly below 90 degrees.

The exercises: The squat allows you to work the legs, abdomen and the butt. Get to know other exercises to get the butt firm: 6 squat exercises for the glutes.

Exercise 3 – Flexion

To perform this exercise, you should:

  1. Grab the handles with your hands and extend your legs,supporting themselves on the tips of the feet. When more joints are the legs the more difficult it becomes to exercise. Should keep the body straight and abdomen contracted.
  2. Lower the trunk down to the groundand climb up the arms, keeping them extended.

In addition, you can do the bending opting for another technique:

  1. Support the feet on the handlesand hands on the ground, apart at shoulder width;
  2. Flexing the arms, down the torso and playing with his chest on the floor.
  3. Extend arms,pushing the weight of the body up.

Training Exercises Drop-Down to Do at Home 3

Exercise 4 – Abdomen with flexion of the legs

To do this exercise should be positioned in flexion, as described in the previous exercise and to run it you should:

  1. Shrink your knees in towards your chestand up the poles and keeping the abdominal muscles contracted;
  2. Extend the legs fully, staying in pushup position.

The exercise: Contributes to the development of the shoulders, chest and triceps.

In addition to exercise with tapes sleep is important to maintain a healthy diet and take special care before and after your workout.