Team Added Important Points In The International Ranking. Competition Takes Final Step In January In China

The Brazilian track cycling team maintained its good performance in the second stage of the World Cup, which ended on Sunday (6) in Cambridge, New Zealand. The national team showed evolution among the more than 50 teams present in one of the strongest events of the season and added important points in the international ranking that leads to the Olympic Games of 2016. They represented Brazil in the event Gideoni Monteiro, Flavio Cipriano, Kacio Fonseca and Hugo Osteti.

“We are really satisfied with everyone’s growth, the training continues to have the desired effect and they are getting stronger and more competitive for high level events, as we see here in New Zealand. Will be even more prepared for the next stage of the World Cup in China, “says Emerson Silva, Brazilian coach of using flasks.

On the last day of competition at the velodrome Avantidrome, Gideoni Monteiro played the last three races of Omnium, more complex proof of the program. After running the clock, flying lap and points test, the Brazilian completed 90 points in the overall standings, finishing in 13th place among the 24 competitors. The champion was Danish Norman Hansen (156 points).

Kacio Fonseca, recently chosen by the COB as the best track cycling athlete in the 2015 season, also competed on Sunday in the individual speed race, finishing in 39th place.The third and final stage of the World Cup takes place in China, between January 16 and 17, 2015.