Physical activity does not need to be dull and tedious, much less an obligation to maintain the health in day. She brings more benefits if practiced with pleasure and, thus, clears up serious problems such as depression. Each season, new modalities gain space in the gym and conquer those who search for different exercises, and that will guarantee an extra dose of fun. Is there anything more fun than the dance and the circus?

Tissues Acrobatic Circus Art Wins the Academies

Classes of fabrics, acrobatic and other circus arts

The circus arts are synonymous with balance, strength and motor coordination. All this, allied to a playful universe that wakes the artistic side of its practitioners. No wonder, therefore, that lessons inspired by in this world have done so much success and won a growing number of fans.

Check out some of the classes that are part of this artistic world and its benefits for those who practice regularly.

Fabric acrobatic

One of the modalities most enchant adults and children, the fabric acrobatic brings movements that are reminiscent of the ballet, performed while the practitioner if it is safe on fabrics hung from the ceiling. Although the exercises can scare at the beginning and seem difficult to do, with the proper orientation the student surpasses the each class and the benefits are various.

The main ones are:

  • Physical fitness
  • Body awareness and flexibility
  • Improves breathing
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Definition and muscle strengthening (especially the abdomen, back and arms)
  • Correction of posture (and improves pain in spine)
  • Resistance
  • Balance
  • Calorie-burning equivalent of a classroom of crossfit
  • Stimulating memory
  • Promotion of artistic expression

Lessons from the circus

As you know, is not just the fabric acrobatic that’s part of the universe circus. For those who want to know all the arts of the ring, a lecture circus is a perfect option. It is possible to learn from activities in the soil, such as somersaults, stars, stop, hand, human pyramid, until the exercises air, as trapeze, lira, fabric and rope indiana. The courses can teach the techniques of juggling, trampoline, trampoline and acrobatic.

Between stretching, warm ups and the proposed activities, one hour of practice can eliminate up to 300 calories. But it is not only that the advantage of the practice. In addition to all the benefits to the body, such as motor coordination, balance, toning, muscle strengthening, among others, the classes still promote the elevation of self-esteem with the satisfaction of overcoming each challenge.

The classes of the circus can be made by children and adults, being that the dynamics are adapted to each group, according to the limitations of each student. Needless to say, the fun is guaranteed, isn’t it?

Rhythmic gymnastics

Those who have never seen in the Olympic Games those gymnasts minutely tested giving a show dance synchronized? Rhythmic gymnastics enchanted by the delicacy and swing with which athletes exercise their presentations and it is not surprising that it is a sport that attracts people of all ages. For the routines that are used props such as bows, ribbons and balls, which give a free special.

The gym classes are indicated from four years of age. The combination of music, choreography, and handling of accessories, promoting a great capacity for reasoning, reflexes, gain balance and flexibility. Experts indicate mainly to hyperactive children and for those more timid, that have difficulties with socialization.

Adults can also practice the activity, of course. Rhythmic gymnastics contributes to the weight loss, strengthening and muscle definition. One hour class can burn up to 400 calories.