Many ways to improve health are clear and obvious: losing weight, eating less and doing more exercise is what you hear most. To improve energy, sleep more. For the bowel to work better, drink more water and eat more fruits.

Tips to Improve Layout That Seem to Lie

However, some tips seem to lie because they are counterintuitive. Check out some of them:

Drink coffee and sleep better!

A Japanese study showed that people who ingested 200 mg of caffeine (two cups of coffee) and then rested for 20 minutes proved to be more alert and more test-ready than those who only took a nap. That’s because the fast nap ended well when the caffeine began to take effect, clearing the brain of the adenosine molecule that causes fatigue when in excess.

Do not brush your teeth right after eating

One should not brush their teeth shortly after eating or drinking acidic foods – citrus fruits, tomatoes, soda. They soften the enamel of the teeth and adding the brushing soon after the meals can worsen the picture. Ideally, wait 30 minutes to 1 hour to brush.

To use a smaller size, gain weight

Yes, but muscle weight. If two women weigh 55 kg, but only one is dedicated to bodybuilding, it is possible that she will use smaller sizes of pants. 1 kg of muscle weighs the same as 1 kg of fat, but takes up much less space.

To eat less, eat more

Does it seem confusing? Well it works like this: eating just one sugary cookie instead of the whole package seems like a smart way to starve yourself, but carbohydrate intake in small amounts will only quickly raise your blood sugar and make you want it much faster. The smarter option is actually an apple with whole-grain unsweetened peanut paste. In the portion, it can be more caloric, but it maintains the satiation and the disposition for more time.

Avoid energy drinks when you’re tired

With five times more caffeine than coffee, energy drinks bring side effects like nervousness, irritation and tachycardia. They also contain high levels of taurine, a central nervous system stimulant – plus 50g of sugar per unit (13 teaspoons).

Drink water if you are swollen

It seems strange, but drinking plenty of water on days of bloating and discomfort makes the situation better. If you are consuming a lot of fiber, it is better to hydrate yourself! This is the only way for the bowel to move the fecal cake and not cause constipation – and more swelling.