Aerobic activity, in addition to release neurotransmitters responsible for well-being, is a great ally of weight lossbecause it helps burn calories and speed up metabolism. However, to take full effect, it should be carried out in the correct manner, at the appropriate intensity, for a minimum time and more than once per week. If you practice cardio exercises and you are not satisfied with the results, check if you are doing some procedure wrong. The following are the most common errors in this activity in order for you to fix and make your workout yield even more.

The Six Errors Committed in the Aerobics 1

Forget the fun, doing the activity so monotonous and no pleasure

Enjoy the practice of physical activity is essential. When the workout becomes boring, the person is no stimulus to continue and end up giving up. It is very important to do something that will give you pleasure to be able to face the training with layout and animation, reaching more quickly results. Group activities with friends or family members are good alternatives to move the body.

Read during the year and does not pay attention on what you’re doing

If you are one of those that resolves to stop the read-in day at the academy with books and magazines, learn that “this can make your workout does not evolve, it is necessary to have concentration at the time of practice activities so as not to compromise the personal evolution,” says the personal trainer Paula Loiola. The aerobic exercise will work properly only if there is a breathing focused. Who doesn’t focus, it ends up not reaching the peak of cardiac work (the level expected of the performance of aerobic).

The Six Errors Committed in the Aerobics 2

Does not respect your physical condition

One of the biggest mistakes of those who are initiating physical activity is want quick results and to strive beyond what they can to achieve them. The personal trainer Edson Ramalho account that the result never comes fast, so not good to get four hours straight in the gym and not being able to maintain the workout.

The personal Paula full saying that does not respect the own physical condition can lead to injury. It is necessary to make an assessment, because each person can have a commitment other than in the gym. The expert also suggests that beginners to follow a program of appropriate training, coupled with a healthy diet and a hydration efficient.

If you exercise only on weekends

Play ball on the weekend and give that run after a whole week of leisure time seem activities harmless. However, the personal Edson warns that the rate of injury among practitioners of activity only on weekends is great, because they do not have the preparation cardiovascular enough.

The personal Paula recommends that, if the person does not usually practice physical activity should begin slowly, two times per week. After that, you can increase to three times per week and switch days. When you feel that your physical conditioning has improved, you can practice every day alternating workout aerobic with anaerobic – without overdoing it in time which should not exceed one hour. She still leaves a tip: for those who are already accustomed to train and also for the beginners, to monitor the training can help in the evolution and to avoid the withdrawal.

The Six Errors Committed in the Aerobics 3

Do only ten minutes of aerobics<br>

Many people think that short time of aerobic activity is already taking effect and end up doing just ten minutes of exercise such as heating. The personal Paula Loiola says that the recommended is to perform the work in an intensity of 65 to 75% of maximum heart rate for at least 30 minutes. She also emphasizes the importance of a balanced diet, because, if the intake is greater than expenditure, there is no how to lose weight.

Think that isotonic drinks replace water

The isotonic drinks, such as Gatorade, replenishes electrolytes (sodium, potassium) and should be consumed by athletes who have large water losses, especially when the activity involves racing outdoors in the heat of 30 ° c to 35 ºC. The ideal for the rest of the people that do exercises is to drink only water before, during and after physical activity to improve the hydration and performance, recommend the personal Paula Loiola and Edson Ramalho.