That a fisherman never dreamed of to have in the box fishing the “perfect bait” – with format, color, size, and work in the right measure? In a globalized world, a simple mouse-click allows us to access websites of manufacturers of lures, modern, conceptual, and with perfect finish, bringing a little dream to reality. To acquire such objects of desire, however, is not so easy, especially when the modality to which the bait is intended is still being introduced to Brazil, and the access to it is difficult.It is the case of fishing, “weight-heavy” in the sea which makes use of rods with 8-to 9-feet (2,44 the 2,74 m), reels with storage capacity for over 300 metres of line and stars of the sport, great surface baits with weights between 60 and nothing less than 200 grams.

The Lures Giants Are the New Wave in Sea Fishing
Do not get out of the wave, some fishermen depart for the manufacturing of your baits. It is the case of Julio “Snook” Bae, São Paulo. A fanatic fisherman of bass, Julio has always liked to increment your baits. Some were transformed into powerful sticks, while others had their fluctuation changed. The next step was the painting of the man-made, starting with spray and brushes, and, in a short time, evolving to airbrushes and special techniques. A final and recent stage, the fisherman began to manufacture their own lures.As you can see in the photos, the target of the manufacturing are the big lures to the sea: the food of “big people”, produced with a technique and finish that nothing should to the imported models.

The manufacturing process leads us to understand why the baits Julio are so unique. After being turned individually until you get the format right, get a session manual of sandpaper. The painting is made by means of airbrushes, paints and products resistant to extreme temperature conditions. The color patterns are adapted to suit the taste of the angler.
The models which have obtained great success among the fishermen of this type are surface, mainly poppers and pencil-poppers. They may receive varying weights, which contributes to the distance of the pitches, and its action during the work. In addition, all have been developed to be extremely resilient: the system of fixing of the pins is constituted by a single wire and reinforced. It avoids, therefore, the traditional use of studs with thread, which may end up wearing the wood as the time-of-use.
The great advantage of the baits made custom, the example of the sticks, is the fact that they can be adapted to the preferences and personal situations of each one. Fish such as tuna, for example, tend to attack eagerly smaller baits. With technique and skill, poppers, small can be manufactured at home, with the differential acoplarem extra pesos to gain throwing distance. In the same way, the angler can choose the colors of your lures, is to radicalize your visual or for the purpose of imitating the prey favorite of your target fish.


– Many of these large lures have been developed for the fishing of species giant xaréus, tuna and others. Each one of them can weigh up to 200 grams, make sure that your equipment will be able to throw baits of this size.

– The use of garatéias without barbs (“barbless”) is highly recommended in this modality. Accidents with baits of this size can bring about big complications.