The Chilean cyclist Carlos Oyarzun won the second stage of the International Cycling Tour of Rio Grande do Sul on Thursday (9). The best Brazilian athlete was Wilian Chiarello, winning the second place in the stage.

With a very challenging course, the cyclists faced the second stage of the competition on this Thursday, pedaling 154 kilometers between the cities of Torres and San Francisco de Paula. The final stretches disputed in parallelepiped, provided still more emotion, causing great changes between the first placed bike water bottles.

The stage was composed by a flying goal, won by Norwegian rider Frederik Wilmann of Team Ringeriks-Kraft, and three Mountain Prizes, two won by Eriberto Rodrigues of the Green / Piracicaba team, and one defeated by Murilo Afonso of Funvic / São José dos Campos. The overall leader of goals is Carlos Oyarzun with 10 points, while in the mountain classification, Eriberto Rodrigues with 22 points.


In the last few kilometers, with a lot of climbs, the pace was accelerated, making the main group arrive completely fractioned. Carlos Oyarsun, who was very aggressive during the final part of the race, won a very important victory for the overall standings. Wilian Chiarello completed in second place, 1s behind the champion. Venezuelan Victor Moreno completed the podium.

After the second stage, Carlos Oyarzun leads with a 5 second lead over Wilian Chiarello, and 14 seconds over Victor Moreno, third overall. Already among the teams, Team Ringeriks-Kraft leads with 25:42 minutes. The second position is Team Ecuador, followed by the Seleçao do Uruguay.

The cyclists will contest the third stage on Friday (9), with start and finish in the city of San Francisco de Paula. The 160-kilometer course should not promote major changes in rankings, but will consist of three flying goal disputes (intermediate arrivals) and a mountain prize.

The 2nd International Cycling Tour of Rio Grande do Sul is an accomplishment of the Brazilian Cycling Confederation (CBC) and Federation Gaúcha de Ciclismo (FGC), with supervision of the International Cycling Union (UCI) and sponsorship of Caixa Econômica Federal.