For sit-ups, there are numerous machines and apparatus in our gyms. Many are the options presented to us and not always perform the exercises properly. A clear example is the abdominal in vertical machine.

Vertical machine tends to be a device that is characterized by a vertical support that we support the back and a few side handles with pads to support arms. The legs are kept loose since they are which perform the exercise and that we must move with the abdominals. The back remains straight throughout the exercise, as well as arms. It’s a different position than the rest of abdominal, so it is important that we know as they should be properly.

Many people include this type of ABS in your routine, without knowing exactly how to do is to obtain the greatest possible results without damaging any part of the body. When we practice these abdominal gym mates tend to check that they are committing real nonsense, and it is that normally stays straight and arms, but legs dropped in its entirety and rise up to above picking up momentum. This movement can be very harmful to the psoas and the lumbar region of the back.

With this exercise We work the lower part of the abdominal muscles, why as exercises in soil, never we must exceed the hips when we went down the legs, since as soon as we do this into action the psoas, which can be damaged. To do this it is important that we begin this exercise with the knees to the chest and lower legs in a way that We do not sobrepasemos the hips. To do this we simply estiraremos legs forward while we descend.

It is important that we focus all the pressure in the abdominal part and that we do not refer it to the psoas. It is no good us perform a movement’s rise and fall with their legs, since we do not work the abdominals, but that we are simply loading the lumbar part, because doing this movement back it bows too, and on the other hand muscles that support the tension will be the psoas.

It is important that we correct the exercises. It is always suitable to make them all correctly to obtain a perfect development of the worked area. It is no good us make endless series of abdominal machine standing if we don’t properly, since we not only damage our backs, but we will not get some developed abdominal.