Sports and training is important to maintain our health as well as a beautiful and younger body. But there are many people who come every day to the gym because of the eagerness to gain muscle mass thinking that excessive exercise can increase this muscle mass dramatically.

We have always seen the importance of performing the exercise correctly, performing routines in the proper and without forcing too much muscle, but on very rare occasions we repair in the successful completion of the breaks. If it is important to train the body and muscles to work, rest is just as important as the result of training is closely linked to breaks.

From HowStuffWorks, we are going to defend keep the rest day all routine training, is that there are many reasons that we have to do this. There are people who think rest only thing it does is damage the muscle and cause this to lose its shape accomplished with hard training sessions. Nothing further from reality, and is that rest is a muscle relaxing major.

We can’t have our muscles in constant tension. This is what happens when training relentlessly thinking that in this way the growth will be higher. It’s true that rest and exercise should be matched, but pass in one of the two points is just as damaging to the development of our muscles.

When you work a muscle group this suffers stress derived from the effort extra. This situation is what makes our muscle to grow, but so needed two phases, one of stress at which you urge the muscle to grow, and other rest and loss of this tension that is in which grow really. If this phase is not respected and the muscle is always stressed the growth will be much lower and the performance also.

Many people who are trained on a daily basis just by stuck in routines without getting further develop your muscles and strength. This may be largely because muscles are overtrained and not respond to exercise. Follow so can make us get the opposite effect, and is that we end up by tired muscle and prevent it from developing.

To perform better on our training it is essential that we go with some muscles rested, fresh and ready to face the training. In this way we will have more strength and you will notice it in the long run. For this reason It is essential to keep rest between workouts. We will not work more than once a week each muscle group, and will keep a day off mid week, in addition to the weekend. Now we can dedicate them to perform aerobic exercise or any other activity in which the muscular work is not excessive.