About the training in the gym do not stop arise Myths and false truths eventually they worsen how to train, and more in people who just control different areas of fitness and are advised by the least indicated.

The most prominent case of these bad advice are the countless myths circulating, among which is one that we’re probably listening to since we have been to the gym and it is who says to you If we don’t suffer or hurt us muscles When we perform an exercise we will be not working properly and not get a noticeable muscle growth.

Many of us have believed this at foot juntillas and so have trained to exhaustion, without achieving this greater muscle growth, but on the contrary, many times what we have achieved has been to muscle fatigue and injury not be able to make progress in the routine. And it is that it is not always certain what we hear in the weight room.

It’s true that during the training we have to be demanding with ourselves if what we want is progress muscularly speaking. It is vital that we increase the weight, whenever we are in control at all times the correct execution of the exercise avoiding any risk that may lead to injury. Throughout all the training we have to be us that mark the rhythm, as we are to those who know better to our body.

At no time in the exercise replays have to hurt. The pain It is a resource used by our body to indicate that it something is not going well. In the case of training the pain may be the first expression of a lesion. If when we do an exercise we notice discomfort we must stop, because maybe we are adopting an improper posture or use a weight that is not that corresponds to our strength.

The pain is never going to be a symptom of a well-conducted exercise, rather the opposite. Although not always the pain manifests itself while we carry out training, and is often shown in the recovery phase. This is usually due to the muscle is tired and needs to recover from exercise. It is important that we respect the muscular rhythms and let it recover. A complete recovery after exercise is the best way to grow muscularly speaking.

To avoid pain when we perform training and work properly every part of our body, it is important running properly each year at the time of training. It is essential to follow this to the letter. The weight is secondary if not we dominate the execution of an exercise, since it will simply be the cause of injury. A good recovery based on healthy diets that replace the nutrients that the body needs, as well as the rest through sleep is also essential. Sleep 8 hours a day will help us to recover earlier and grow better.