The Best Exercises and Supplements for Increasing Muscle Mass

The best way to increase muscle mass more quickly is to do exercises such as weightlifting, and ingesting a higher amount of foods rich in protein.

Eat at the right time, the right foods, rest and sleep also are also tips very important for those who want to increase muscle mass because it is during sleep that the new muscle cells are produced.

Exercises to gain muscles

The best exercises to gain muscle are the resistance, as weight lifting, bodybuilding, or martial arts, for example. They should be performed about 4 to 5 times per week, with progressive increase of its resistance and intensity.

The Best Exercises and Supplements for Increasing Muscle Mass 1

Bodybuilding and jiujitsu’s are good exercises that lead to increased muscle mass quickly. These exercises and a proper diet guarantee the formation of more muscle fibers, which give a muscle that is stiff, and the increase of their size that, in addition to other benefits, improves the body contour.

The exercises that less give muscle gains are aerobic, such as swimming and water aerobics, for example. These are the most prescribed for weight loss and not to gain muscle mass. A good fitness coach should be able to indicate which are the best exercises for each case.

Supplements to gain muscle

To gain more muscle quickly, you can still invest in the use of supplements based on protein as the BBCAA and the Whey Protein, for example. But it is very important to take these supplements with the knowledge of the doctor or nutritionist because the overstatement can undermine the functioning of the kidneys.

The Best Exercises and Supplements for Increasing Muscle Mass 2

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What to eat to grow muscles

Those who want to gain more muscles should drink a good amount of protein on a daily basis, because they are like the bricks that form the muscles. Some examples of these foods are meat, eggs and cheese. Check out more examples by clicking here.

It is recommended to eat about 2g of protein for each pound of body weight. For example: if the individual weighs 70 Kg, he needs to eat about 100 g of protein daily to increase your muscle mass, whether in power or with the use of supplements.

Why is it that some people take a long time to gain muscle?

Some individuals have more ease in gaining muscle mass than others. This is due to the biotype of the individual, that is the kind of body he has, that varies from one race to another.

The Best Exercises and Supplements for Increasing Muscle Mass 3

For example, some are very thin and the bone ends are easily seen, others are more strong, even without doing exercises, while others are more chubby, with less muscle and more fat accumulated. Thus, those who are naturally stronger, have more ease in gaining muscle mass than those who are naturally very slim.

Despite these differences, all can gain more muscle. To do this, simply do the exercises right, and a diet that is rich in protein.