Almost always when we attended the gym we have different well-defined areas in which we can carry out a specific activity type, but there is a part in a matter in which we can train various areas of the body, it is the arch or columns of multi-activity that we can find in many sports centres.

This arch is usually formed by two square columns which is the difference between four-sided with weight and pulleys that will perform activities of lifting the load. In many cases these pulleys are replaced by machines to work the back or horizontal rowing machines. Two columns tend to be United by a bow fitted with grips or handles to be able to hang them. These columns tend to keep a distance between the two to be able to develop different activities.

When using this appliance are many options of training provided to us, since we can working almost the entire body simply using one or the other grip and putting us in different applique and positions for impact on one part or another of the body. Therefore, it is necessary to do a review of the different parts that can be trained on each machine so know what choice in carrying out the various routines.

The amount of pulleys and weights that they contain will help us train the biceps and the triceps in pulley exercise known as the curl, lifts… But don’t forget you can also train the part of the shoulder and legs, because the pulleys usually have different ways to register, because we can put the grip from above so we throw down or from the bottom to be tirenos upwards.

These pulleys and the distance between one column from another is what allows us to perform training with both hands holding a pulley in each column. An example are the chest openings where we stand in the center of the arc and with a pulley seized each hand perform the motion allowing us to collapse part of the chest to carry arms to the Center. Another series of parts of the body like biceps, shoulder… can be trained with two pulleys at the same time.

But not only the pulleys are a part of the arc that we can use, but back We will train on the seats that are placed to one side of the arch, and in which we have a pulley where we can perform different exercises to strengthen this area. We can work the same part of the body in horizontal Bank earmarked for rowing. The only thing we have to do is change the grip to impact on an area or another back.

On the part of the arch, we can also work back, since the grips that we are designed to perform funds or dominated dorsal. We must simply hang and elevate our body weight with the dorsal, but in this exercise we also focus on the Trapeze and the muscles that make up the arms.

It is important that we repair in the existence of this machine which gives us a wide variety of alternatives When it comes to training, because almost with its mere existence we would cover the training of all parts of the body that we tend to work in the gym.