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Valley of the Rocks

Dramatic idyll: The Valley of the Rocks For some hikers, the Valley of the Rocks in Exmoor National Park has almost dramatic features. Others are so fascinated by the idyllic landscape in the “Valley of the Rocks” that it takes their breath away. Most outdoor freaks among holidaymakers choose the twin cities of Lynmouth and… Read More »

England Landmarks

Detailed description of many of the major or interesting landmarks of England, which is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) Opera and theater Georgian Theater in Richmond In the old market town of Richmond is the second oldest theater that is still played today: the Georgian Theater. It was… Read More »

United Kingdom Business

According to commit4fitness, the United Kingdom is a country in Western Europe with a largely diversified economy. Agriculture is an important part of the economy, with wheat, barley and oats being important exports. Livestock production is also an important part of the economy, with cattle, pigs and poultry being raised for food and sale. Manufacturing… Read More »

Traveling in Wales

Rail: like the rest of the UK is that too welsh Railway network has been privatized. Most of the routes in Wales are operated by Arriva Wales. Exceptions are the routes London-Cardiff-Swansea (operated by First Great Western) and London-Chester-Holyhead (operated by Virgin Trains). The rail operator is the National Rail Inquiry Service. Reservations can also… Read More »