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Culture of Thailand

The culture of Thailand has developed over the centuries, influenced by the peoples of Asia. You can often hear how Siam is also called the “land of smiles”, which is not surprising: just look around at the always smiling and hospitable Thais – passers-by, shop assistants, children… And this is also one of the features… Read More »

Laos and Thailand

Wonderful lazy days await you after a trip in Thailand to the famous Golden Triangle and an exciting journey along the mighty Mekong River. Our trip to Thailand and Laos includes highlights in two of Asia’s most fascinating countries. We discover exciting parts of Thailand far from the tourist crowds along the coasts. Sparsely populated… Read More »

Thailand Business

According to commit4fitness, Thailand is a Southeast Asian country with a vibrant economy. It is one of the most industrialized economies in the region, with agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism being the main contributors to its GDP. Agriculture plays an important role in the Thai economy, with rice and other crops being major exports. Manufacturing is… Read More »