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Check constructmaterials for Syria in 1998.

Syria Politics, Economy, and Society

Government and politics Syria has been a republic since 1963. In 1971, President Hafiz Al-Assada decreed a provisional Constitution, then in 1973 the current Constitution that defines Syria as a Democratic, People’s and Socialist Republic was approved in a referendum, based, among others, on the principles of equality before the law, freedom religious and private property. Every seven years… Read More »

Syria Business

According to abbreviationfinder, SY is the 2 letter abbreviation for the country of Syria. Business In 2011, the internal protests in the country developed into real civil war (see also Syrian civil war). As a result, the country’s economy and infrastructure have been wasted. Economy Inflation rate 28.10% Unemployment rate 50% Gross domestic product (GDP)… Read More »