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Check computergees for Poland in 2006.

Poland Geography

Poland – key data Area: 312,685 km² (of which land: 304,255 km², water: 8,430 km²) Population: 38.4 million (July 2011 estimate, CIA). Composition: Poland 96.7%,German 0.4%, Belarusians 0.1%, Ukrainians 0.1%, others and no information 2.7% (2002 census). Population density: 123 residents per km² Population growth: -0.062% per year (2011, CIA) Capital: Warsaw (1.71 million residents,… Read More »

Poland Business

According to commit4fitness, Poland is a rapidly developing country with a focus on diversifying its economy. It has a vibrant tourism sector, with travelers visiting to experience its stunning natural beauty and traditional culture. The country also has a growing energy sector, including hydropower, geothermal energy production, and oil and gas production. Additionally, Poland is… Read More »