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Latvia Mountains and Rivers

Removed a small strip of land near the Lithuanian border, where the basic soils consist of Mesozoic layers from the Jurassic and archaic soils of the Permic, the rest of Latvia, which forms a strip of the great Russian lowland, is formed by dolomites of the Middle and upper Devonico, which follow one another from… Read More »

Old Town of Riga (World Heritage)

According to extrareference, the foundation of Riga in 1201 goes back to Bishop Albert I von Buxhövden. The later Hanseatic city of Riga is the second oldest city to be founded on the Baltic Sea after Lübeck. The old town documents the long history of the Hanseatic city, which is also known for its Art… Read More »

Latvia Business

According to commit4fitness, Latvia is a small country located in Northern Europe. The economy of Latvia is largely dependent on its exports, with machinery and transport equipment being major contributors to the national GDP. Other important exports include textiles, food products and furniture. Tourism is also an important industry in Latvia with its picturesque coastal… Read More »