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Italian Theater

Italian theater. The Italian theater encompasses the forms of play that were often still in Latin in the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, as well as the Italian-language theater of the former states and today’s Italy. It can claimto have had a decisive influence on the development of the performing arts in Europesince the… Read More »

Rome Attractions and Tourist

Attractions in Rome Hardly any city in the world has as many attractions and sights as Rome. Here you can come every weekend for the rest of your life without bringing all the treasures of art and architectural gems with you. Below is a selection of attractions and sights to see in Rome. St. Peter’s… Read More »

Italy Business

According to abbreviationfinder, IT is the 2 letter abbreviation for the country of Italy. Italy is one of the world’s largest economies. The country’s industrial expansion came as a post- World War II reconstruction, aided by financial support from the United States, and transformed Italy from an agricultural society into a modern industrial state. In… Read More »

Sicily and Palermo, Italy

Sicily (Italy) Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and belongs to Italy. In addition, Sicily is also an autonomous region of the republic Italy and counts several smaller islands in its area. In the south-western part of the “toe of the boot” of Italy is the splendid vacation island Sicily. The Etna… Read More »