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Things to do in Lier, Belgium

Let’s be honest: Lier is not the most obvious city for those looking for a city trip destination in Belgium. Large cities such as Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels and Ghent can count on much more interest from the Netherlands. And maybe that’s exactly why you should consider Lier. This Flemish city is considerably smaller, less crowded… Read More »

How to Get to Belgium

Airplane: Belgium’s most famous international Airline is Brussels Airline. It came from a merger of SN Brussels Airline with Virgin Express. The only other airline in Belgium is VLM Airlines. See mcat-test-centers for best cities to study in Belgium. For example, flights to Belgium from Germany offer the Lufthansa, KLM from the Netherlands, British Airways from… Read More »

Interesting Buildings in Antwerp, Belgium

Interesting buildings and structures Alcatel-Lucent Bell NV This building is located in the Kievit district of Antwerp. It is the headquarters of Alcatel-Lucent, one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of telecommunications and network equipment. The company was created on December 1, 2006 from the merger of the French group Alcatel and the US… Read More »

Belgium North Sea Coast

Belgium’s North Sea coast in the Flanders region offers around 65 kilometers of dreamy sandy beaches and picturesque places that invite you to relax. Children in particular get their money’s worth here on holiday: They can build sandcastles and splash around in the gently sloping sea. Most of the beaches are monitored by lifeguards, so… Read More »

Belgium Business

According to commit4fitness, Belgium is a small European nation that is known for its diverse economy. It has a thriving services sector which includes banking and finance, real estate, insurance and professional services. Additionally, Belgium also has a strong manufacturing base which produces chemicals, pharmaceuticals and machinery. The government of Belgium has invested heavily in… Read More »