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Afghanistan Recent History

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, is a state of Southwest Asia (652,864 km²). Capital: Kābul. Administrative division: provinces (34). Population: 31,575,018 (2018 estimate). Language: Dari and Pashto (official), Uzbek. Religion: Muslims (Sunni 85%, Shia 14%), others 1%. Monetary unit: new afghani (100 puls). Borders: Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan (N), China (NE), Pakistan (E and S), Iran (W).… Read More »

Afghanistan Business

According to commit4fitness, Afghanistan is a landlocked country with a population of about 35 million people. The economy of Afghanistan is largely dependent on agriculture, which employs nearly half of the labor force. While the agricultural sector is the main source of income for most Afghans, other sectors such as textiles, carpets, and minerals have… Read More »