Sviyaga, Russia

By | December 30, 2022

Ski sports complex “Kazan” (popularly “Sviyaga”) is located near the Sviyazhsky Reserve at the confluence of three rivers: Sulitsy, Sviyaga and Volga. Today it is one of the largest ski resorts in central Russia. The resort received its curious name after the name of the river, a tributary of the Volga, on the right bank of which it is located.

The complex very quickly gained quite wide popularity in the country, the natural relief of the surroundings plays in its favor: Sviyaga is suitable for beginners, advanced skiers, and children. It has all the necessary infrastructure for a good rest, including parking and restaurants.

Note: according to allcitypopulation, the population of Russia is 143.4 million (2021).

The ski season in “Sviyaga” opens at the end of November and lasts until the beginning of April. The late spring closure is made possible by the north-facing slopes of the resort. Therefore, you can come here even when the snow is already melting in the Moscow region or near Kazan. The only disadvantage of this orientation and location on a hill is that it is almost always windy in Sviyag.

How to get there

The ski complex is located 35 km from the center of Kazan and about 25 km from the city airport. The easiest and fastest way to get here is by air – there are many flights to Kazan every day from major Russian cities. Then you can either immediately order a taxi to Svyaga (from 2500 RUB), or go into the city to the bus station. The prices on the page are for February 2021.

And you can take a train or bus to Kazan. There are plenty of options, since the capital of Tatarstan is considered a fairly large transport hub of the country. Read more on the page: ” How to get to Kazan “.

How to get from Kazan to Sviyaga

Once in Kazan, it will take about an hour to get to Sviyaga. From the city bus station, you can take any bus in the Moscow direction (to Nizhny Novgorod or Cheboksary, about an hour on the way). You will need to get off right on the M7 highway, at the turn to the GSOK Kazan, from where it is about 3.5 km on foot to the complex (or 7 minutes by a pre-ordered taxi). The second option is to take a bus to Kozlovka, which, after 1 hour and 10 minutes, will make a stop in the village of Vvedenskaya Sloboda, from where it is about 2 km to Sviyaga (or again by a pre-call taxi). The path is not the most comfortable, especially with skis at the ready. The third option is to take a shuttle bus, they depart about once a day during the season, it is better to book seats in advance. A taxi from the center of Kazan to the complex will cost about 1500-2000 RUB.

Much easier in your car. It is necessary to leave Kazan along the Gorky highway to the federal highway M7. At the roundabout, follow the sign for Ulyanovsk. After the bridge across the Volga, go straight, without turning, to Moscow, exit from the road – to the right at the sign for the GSOK “Kazan”. It is impossible to miss, the pointer is large and quite intelligible.

The cost of parking at the ski resort is 100 RUB per day (for those staying in hotels or in alpine cottages – free of charge.

Hotels “Sviyaga”

You can stay overnight in one of the resort’s three hotels or in guest houses located on the territory of the complex. The latter are called Alpine cottages here – these are quite cozy wooden houses with their own kitchen and 2 bedrooms (accommodate up to 6 people). When choosing a hotel in Sviyaga, you can be guided solely by the desired view from the window – in terms of services or service, they are all about the same and good. Hotel “Cascade” is located at the lower stations of the lifts, and “Deja Vu” and “Station” – in the center of the party, where there are cash desks, equipment rental and other benefits of civilization. In addition, you can stay in one of the sanatoriums or recreation centers that are around Kazan – the nearest ones are already 3 km from the resort.


“Sviyaga” is a great place for skiing, no fools. The management of the complex seems to have taken care of everything: there is evening lighting, modern snow groomers that every night bring the slopes to the ideal state of “velveteen”, artificial snow and, of course, first-class Austrian Doppelmayr lifts. The trails – at least there are few of them, for every taste – will suit both “dummies” and self-confident skiers. In addition, there is a lot of entertainment for those who do not want to ride, but are ready to have fun in the snow.

In total, the complex is equipped with three 4-chair lifts, as well as 2 tubing tracks. At the administrative building there is a training slope with a rope tow. Nearby is a children’s town with a track for children and a baby lift.

It seems that Sviyaga has everything: evening lighting, modern snow groomers that every night bring the slopes to the ideal state of “velveteen”, artificial snow and, of course, first-class Austrian Doppelmayr lifts.

Sviyaga trails

For skiers in “Sviyaga” there are 5 slopes with a total length of about 2800 m and a height difference of 160 m: 3 red, 1 blue and 1 green. In the evening, all trails are illuminated.

The green track is the longest, about 1100 m with a maximum vertical drop of 165 m. Despite these characteristics, it is very gentle, flat, wide, in a word, ideal for beginners. The most convenient thing is that roll-out to the track is possible immediately from the administrative building through the tunnel.

The blue track is a little shorter, already confident “middle peasants” ride here. The most dangerous areas are in the cornering zones. Finally, the red slopes of Sviyaga are suitable only for those who are good at skiing or boarding. The length of each red “stripe” reaches approximately 750 m, but throughout their length they have sharp elevation changes and dashing turns, as well as sections laid between trees.

Ski pass

A one-time lift on a chair lift with skis costs 200 RUB, without skis (as a sightseer) – 200 RUB. Ski passes for 7/10/20 passes – 700/850/1200 RUB on weekdays and 1200/1400/1900 RUB on weekends.

Ski service

On the territory of Sviyaga there is an equipment rental point, a ski school and a ski service where you can sharpen edges or adjust the binding. The cost of rental services is relatively low: for a set of ski or snowboard equipment they will ask from 600 RUB per day, for 2 hours of rent – from 800 RUB. You can rent skates (200 RUB per day), snowtube (350 RUB per hour), snow scooter (300 RUB per hour) or sled (275 RUB per hour).

Do not forget about the deposit: from 1500 RUB, depending on the set, or a driver’s license.

Individual instructor on weekdays – from 1700 RUB, on weekends – from 2000 RUB. It is more profitable to learn to ride with a company or join a group (they are small here, up to 12 people).

Cafes and restaurants

On the territory of the complex there are several restaurants and cafes for every taste. The most democratic is the fast food cafe “Kunak”, where they delight with rich cabbage soup, Tatar-style meat, echpochmaks and other dishes of Tatar cuisine. At the top of the green trail is the Eagle’s Nest cafe, where you can refresh yourself with a mug of mulled wine or a full meal overlooking the mountain. Another restaurant near the green track is Cascade in country style. It boasts an open terrace where punch and mulled wine are brewed. It is not surprising that skiers often stop here in order to relax, gain strength and courage for further development of the slopes.

The most glamorous local establishment is, perhaps, the restaurant in the classic hunting style “At the Fireplace”. It is located on the second floor of the administrative building. In the center, of course, there is a real fireplace with an open “fire flint”.

Entertainment and attractions

Local entertainment, in addition to admiring nature, is of an exceptionally active nature. In summer, it is a river, a sandy beach, football and volleyball courts, a golf course, fishing, as well as bike rides, catamarans and kayaks that are offered for rent right here. Well, in winter – mountain skiing, riding on inflatable “cheesecakes” (one track for children and adults, the second – only for adults, as it has a large elevation difference and a length of 300 m), an ice rink (entrance 100 RUB) and a bowling club with karaoke.

Well, so that the body and soul are completely young, evenings can be spent in a local health complex. Swimming pool and sauna (from 500 RUB per hour) – this is the time. Massage and gym – two. Billiards and table tennis (from 150 RUB per hour) – three.

Will it be too little? Welcome to an excursion to the amazing island of Sviyazhsk, which is taken under the protection of UNESCO and is considered one of the wonders of Tatarstan. Also nearby are the marvelous Holy Resurrection Makariev Monastery, the famous Raifa and the Kazan Kremlin itself – stately, ancient, noble, as well as all the city sights attached to it.

“Sviyaga” for children

Fortunately for family skiers, Sviyaga has plenty of entertainment for children and amenities for parents. For example, a children’s room at a health complex (200 RUB per hour per offspring): game consoles, children’s exercise equipment, books and an experienced teacher-educator. As well as snowtube or ice skating.

But the main local entertainment is one thing – skiing! Sviyaga has a children’s playground (250 RUB per hour) with its own baby lift, a safe track, children’s instructors, as well as swings, carousels and other attractions.


The local climate is temperate continental, with cold winters and warm summers. The snow cover is moderate, as a rule, it reaches 35-40 cm. There is also a peculiarity – it is quite windy in Sviyaga.

Sviyaga, Russia