Stretching Exercises in Pregnancy

The stretching exercises in pregnancy help relieve back pain, increase blood circulation, reducing swelling of the legs, and are also useful to carry more oxygen to the baby, helping it grow healthier.

A lesson in stretching also helps in fighting constipation, and to relieve the gases, which are common during pregnancy. In addition, the stretching prevents injury and muscle pain and help women prepare for childbirth.

Stretching Exercises in Pregnancy 1

Here are 3 stretching exercises that can be performed at home to relieve back pain during pregnancy:

Exercise 1

Sitting with the legs apart, bend one leg placing the foot in contact with the other thigh and lean the body to the side, as shown in the picture, feeling the stretch across the side, for 30 seconds. Following, swap the leg and the side that if it should turn.

Exercise 2

To remain in the position that shows the image 2 for 30 seconds, feeling the back reached.

Stretching Exercises in Pregnancy 2

Exercise 3

Stay with the knees supported on the floor and bend over on a ball, Pilates, trying to keep your back straight. You can stretch your arms on top of the ball and try to support the chin on the chest, at the same time. Remain in this position for 30 seconds.

When performing the stretching exercises, the pregnant woman should take a breath slow and deep, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth, slowly.

The stretching exercises in pregnancy can be made every day and repeated 2-3 times with intervals of 30 seconds between the exercises.

Stretching Exercises in Pregnancy 3