Are constantly giving advice and offering new exercises to work the abdominals, but when you train this part of the body as any other it is important that we bear in mind where we can reach.

On many occasions we have mentioned the importance of evaluation if we’re going to throw at sport. In the case of the abdominal muscles should not be less, and is that knowing our degree of force will help us much when choosing one or other training routines and exercises or others. For this reason we will propose the implementation of a simple test to measure abdominal strength.

Know where we can reach It will help us in determining one or another routine abdominal training. Not all exercises are designed for all people, since some of them are more intense and therefore must occur by people who have more developed abdominal apart. Exercise of advanced level the only thing we can afford is poorly working the abdominal, no advance training and reach injure us part.

The test to evaluate the abdominals is very simple, anyone can make and see the degree that has force. We just have to lie mouth up with your feet flat on a wall so that they are 90 degrees from the body. In this position, and extend arms forward, touching the wall, try to lift your arms touching the wall as much as we can. It is important to check up to where you got to take this into account with regard to the evaluation.

Surely many of us we are not able to raise hands above the knees, shoulders not took them off the ground, not approaching the sternum to pubic … in this case our abdominal strength is low, so the intensity of exercise that we are going to make must be inferior. We just have to focus on winning force in this part, because little by little we will get it through work and patience.

If instead we can take off the shoulders of the floor and join the breastbone with the pubis, but do not keep the balance, and managed to overcome the knees by raising hands, we have a Middle abdominal force. In this case, the intensity of the exercises must be greater, and we can already try to perform more complex training routines, always focused on increasing muscle strength.

We finally have a abdominal strength to theTa if we were able to take off the whole shoulders, support your hands above the knees, and supported in the lumbar area, managed to maintain this position for a few seconds. For people who manage to make this abdominal training should be the most advanced of all. We can perform complex exercises without dying in the attempt to.

Since then the Genetics It has an important role in the same abdominal strength that in the rest of the body, but also the tenacity and appropriate training are the basis of a good abdominal development.