Misfit is here stomping with his first device, Shine, in terms of its design: go from typical bracelet with a small screen to an original design, much more care and fashion-oriented. Now, with Speedo Shine 2, Misfit also betting on sports as a way to differentiate themselves, play well come you?

Technical characteristics and design of Speedo Shine 2 swimmer’s edition

Dimensions 30.5 mm diameter, 8 mm thick
Weight 9.4 grams (20 grams including the bracelet) device
Autonomy Up to 6 months (it uses a CR2032 battery)
Sensors Accelerometer with 3-axis magnetometer
Connectivity 4.1 Bluetooth
Operating system compatibility IOS and Android
Price 77,04 euros

Speedo Shine 2 Misfit is a multipurpose quantifier with a interesting design You can look in different ways thanks to its black swimwear. On the one hand we have what is properly the quantifier: a small 30.5 mm in diameter and 8 mm in thickness (much thinner than the first version of the product) with 12 LEDs colors on one side of the disc. Version Speedo swimmer’s edition is available in an exclusive silver and with the logo of Speedo engraved at the back.

Speedo Shine 2 battery can last up to 6 months and we ourselves can change it

On the other hand we have two different stands that we can mount the device: a rubber Bracelet (in the Speedo version of product provide us two bracelets: one white and one black) with a closing with clip, and a round clip in which we can attach the device to carry it on the tab, the shoe laces, engaged in a pocket… and that is fastened by pressure. Changing between one and the other support is quick and easy.

Speedo Shine 2 works with a button (CR2032) battery that promises us a duration of 6 months. When changing the battery, we ourselves can do it thanks to a tool is also provided in the box. This gives us the advantage of not having to be loading it every day or every two days, as it is the case with other similar devices.

Also, with a three-axis accelerometer and a magnetometer that allow to quantify our movements: count our steps, calculates the spent calories and distance traveled, the pitches that we have swum in the pool and hours and quality of sleep.

The touch dial with LEDs gives you an elegant air: in it we can see the time and our daily progress

The sphere with LEDs is touch, and from there we have access to different information, as for example time (LED stays still corresponds to the hour, while he flashes corresponds to the minutes) or our progress in terms of daily steps (shows us a sort of percentage by the number of LEDs illuminated in the sphere.

The information that we provide at a glance is very limited, since no account with a screen, but all the management will have to make it from the free app, available for IOS and Android.

Speedo Shine 2 is connected with your mobile phone through a 4.1 bluetooth connection, Sync automatically with the application. In addition, it has also with a vibration system that we can use to receive notifications of calls and messages (SMS, whatsapp nothing), for the alarm function or to let us know of that I have long been free to move.

Obviously, the bracelet is water resistant and submersible up to 50 meters, so we can usarao without problems in the pool.

The price of the device on its website is of 77,04 euros.

Is Speedo Shine 2 a good quantifier for swimming?

When it comes to quantifying the swimming, which would be the special feature of this gadget, it must be said that falls well short in all aspects. There is little information that gives us and to not having a screen that gives us immediate information, only we can verify it one time we have completed our training.

To begin to quantify our training in the water we must ensure first that the labelling of activities is in mode “swimming” and that turns automatic counting is enabled. Once done, just have to take our Speedo Shine 2 on the wrist when we go swimming and, before you start, give three blasts on the screen for to begin activity timing (the LEDs indicate if it is active with a dance of colored lights and a light that is blinking then, apart from a slight vibration). At the end of swimming, we return to give three touches the sphere to stop timing.

Information that Speedo Shine 2 offers on swimming is the long number, distance traveled and calories burned

To synchronize with our Speedo Shine 2 phone will offer us in the app information about our training, but only a count how many long have done, how much distance we have traveled (previously you had to say what is the length of the pool) and estimated how many calories you have burned. This information might be more interesting to have it during our training session, and not only at the end, to know how many lengths are doing.

On the left, the summary of activity of Misfit Shine 2 Speedo (meters, calories and swum long). Right, summary of activity of Moov, with breakdown of each length, stroke count, used seconds…

Dont have other types of information that do give us other devices as Moov: or stroke count for long, nor identification of the style with which we have swum, or swim-time discounting returns at the end of each length, or length of stroke… Information that gets us very short if you are looking for is a quantifier of swimming.

What we measure with Speedo Shine 2 swimmer’s edition?

Basically with this device that can measure the same with its previous version, plus the amount of laps in the pool and the distance travelled in the same.

Through the area of the Speedo Shine 2 we can see how our progress in terms of movement during the day: We establish the objective, say, 10000 steps per day, and once touch the dial with your finger will illuminate the percentage of LEDs that conforms to our progress, as if it were a pie chart. To reach our goal everyday we receive notice by vibration, and the LEDs begin to glow in different colors.

This is much clearer in the app, where we found the graph of our progress in two different ways: on the one hand in a pie-chart similar to we have in the field of our device, and the other with a more traditional bar chart, where he can see our physical activity for hours.

The same is true with the hours of sleep, to which we can also establish a goal: we can see just the number of hours we slept that night, or opt for a drawing with the different stages of the cycle of sleep (light or deep sleep) broken down in bars. Thus, in addition to the amount of sleep, we can get an idea of the quality of the.

As to the quantification of steps and dream, comparing it with other devices together have tried it that (Moov, a design with very similar characteristics, and Samsung Gear Fit 2), the count is pretty precise, step up, step down.

Speedo Shine 2 identifies automatically when we walk (mild activity) or when run (vigorous activity) and estimated, according to the time elapsed and distance traveled, calories burned. At this point, the Speedo Shine 2 is pretty less fine: taking it in a session of running along with a specific GPS watch for running (the TomTom Runner Cardio), the estimate of the Speedo Shine 2 was quite superior in terms of distance (2.5 kilometres over) and calories (about 250).

We also can record other activities as football, cycling, tennis or basketball: Select this activity on the labelling and start timing. At the end of our training we will see in the app the kilometres travelled and an estimate of calories burned in our training.

In the app allows us to register manually our daily weight, our pulse (it is measured in the finger through the camera of the mobile, and tends to be a fairly reliable measure compared with heart rate monitors and wrist band chest) and pictures of our food. We can also register manually our dream and our physical activity.

Speedo Shine 2, moreover, can take the native health of our phone application data to account for movement and calories even if not Let’s put bracelet.

Misfit Speedo Shine 2, review from Engadget

A quantifier to stands out in terms of design that can serve us for keep track of our sleep and physical activity of our day to day, but that is very short in terms of sports quantifier. It is very customizable, since in the same web of Misfit we can find a lot of accessories that make a unique complement our Speedo Shine 2.

With regard to the quantification of swimming, It’s the thing and it should be the strong point of this device against others of the same style, not gives us almost no data: simply counting made long (we can not see in real time do not have screen) and the number of meters made. It loses so what should be its advantage over other quantifiers.

A good alternative with a similar price would be the Moov device (55 euros on their website), being able to identify different styles of swimming, stroke count for long, metres in each stroke in relation to swimming… A much more complete information, in addition to also serve as activity and quantifier of fitness, career and cycling bracelet.

If you are looking for is a Sports Watch specializing in swimming We are already operating in other brands and other prices (are not purely bracelets activity, but watches for sports): Garmin Swim (149 euros on its website) or Suunto Ambit3 Sport (229 euros on its website; this clock is MultiSport and allows you to record our data also in open water).

In short: a good bracelet cuantificadora for the day to day, but with many gaps for sports.

The terminal has been granted to the test by Misfit. You can consult our policy of relations with companies.