Exercises for the abdominals working there are many and modalities to make them also there are several. Many supporters for a type of abdominal routine or another, but the importance is that they are as effective as possible and that they have an impact significantly on the trained area.

Often the abdominal routines that we carry out fail you are looking for, and it is tone up this part of the body to the maximum. Usually see people killing endless series with repetitive repetitions that all they do is get tired doing this area without results. We have said several times that the concentration when performing the exercise is essential for abdominal training, but there are other types of techniques that can be done to increase the intensity exercises.

As in the majority of bodybuilding routines, the abdominal workout just for being repetitive, What muscles are accustomed to the exercise and we tend to get into a situation of stagnation. For this reason, it is important to know that we can increase the intensity and the development of the exercise while we are surprised with new ways to carry out a routine to avoid stagnation and promote muscle improvement.

One way to increase the intensity in the exercises that we will carry out is by varying the position. We usually perform the same routines in the same position. A way to vary the resistance that is going to oppose an abdominal exercise is the placement of the legs along the same. When we work the upper portion than usual is rest your feet on the floor with your knees bent. But we can add difficulty lifting the legs and not supporting them in the soil.

If we place the legs at about 90 ° from the body the intensity will increase considerably, but if we put it entirely straight and raised, the exercise will be much more complicated and intense. The same is true when it comes to each survey. One way to increase the intensity is try to endure a few seconds click here to contract the muscle in each replication. What we will try with this will be stimulate the most muscle and maximise the effects of exercise.

It is also advisable to increase the results mix sets of reps slow and concentrated with other faster that they get that we work the muscle in its entirety increase the strength and endurance. To make the exercises even more effective, and above all for the people who dominate perfectly each exercise, it is good to use extra weight that we can put in the ankles as a counterweight in some exercises such as pelvic lifts.

Anyway the abdominal area is a part of the body that just leaves us choice to innovate, because it is an area with little mobility, and exercises are always similar. To avoid this infinite repetition, it is important that we know how to innovate and control what it is more complicated to do to overcome it and to incorporate new forms of training that increase us the intensity in training the abdominals.


Best AB workout routine

Best AB workout routine

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