Sights of Seville, Spain

By | November 4, 2022

The Spanish city of Seville is a special city in several respects. Not only is it considered by many to be the most beautiful city in Spain, Seville is also one of the hottest cities in Europe. A striking detail in the streetscape of Seville are the canvases in the historic streets in the center of Seville. These cloths must provide shade, making it a bit bearable in the city during the hot summer months. Seville is sometimes referred to as a large open-air museum. In fact, the city is already a major attraction in itself. The Spain as you recognize it from other cities is mixed with Arab influences here. This dates back to the time when the Moors had power in Seville. Seville is also the city of tens of thousands of orange trees, the city where flamenco once originated and the city where you can enjoy the delicious local cuisine in the many tapas restaurants until midnight. Those who visit Seville will undoubtedly fall for the charms of this capital of Andalusia and will take it to their heart forever.

Top 10 sights of Seville

#1. Alcázar of Seville
The number 1 attraction of Seville is the Real Alcazar. This historic royal palace of Seville is a great example of Mudejar architecture. The royal palace Alcázar is still partly used by the current royal family. The rest is open to the public, including the impressive courtyard ‘patio de las Doncellas’ and the gardens. Various exhibitions can be visited regularly.

#2. Giralda
According to Loverists, the bell tower Giralda stands between the cathedral Maria de la Sede and the green square ‘patio de los Naranjos’. In the evening the tower is clearly visible because it is illuminated. In the 16th century, the upper part was added to this tower. There are no fewer than 25 bells in the tower. Via a sloping path without steps, it is possible to enjoy a spectacular view of the city at the top of the tower. The Giralda is also the symbol of the city of Seville.

#3. Cathedral Maria de la Sede
The Gothic cathedral of Seville has a length of 127 meters and is 83 meters wide. This can rightly be called a large cathedral. According to experts, this would be the largest Gothic church building in the world. The interior itself is even more impressive than the exterior suggests. Various glass paintings, altarpieces, funerary monuments, paintings and various masterly woodcarvings adorn this majestic cathedral.More info about Seville Cathedral

#4. Santa Cruz
The most famous and touristic district is the Jewish district ‘Santa Cruz’. In this district is the important cathedral of Seville with the Giralda bell tower. Many attractions are within walking distance, including the Real Alcázar, Calle Santa Maria La Blanca and the Jardines de Murillo. In the narrow cozy streets of this district you see many houses in the Andalusian architectural style. There are plenty of terraces and restaurants in the area to interrupt your walk every now and then.

#5. Plaza de España
One of the most famous and important squares in Seville is the Plaza de España. The square has the shape of a semicircle with a fountain in the middle. On the outskirts are several historic buildings. Most of these are used by the government. A strip of water runs around the central square, which gives the square a pleasant appearance. The central square is connected to the buildings on the side by means of some bridges. Due to its overwhelming appearance, this square has been used as a backdrop in several films. A good example of this is the movie ‘The Attack of the Clones’ from Star Wars II.

#6. Torre del Oro
The translation of Torre del Oro says that it is a tower of gold. This tower was founded together with the Giralda in the 12th century. It owes its name to the time when many goods were unloaded here, from ships from the American colonies. Later the tower fulfilled other functions. Thus it served as a warehouse, prison and chapel. Today it houses the maritime museum.

#7. Museo Arqueológico
The archaeological museum of Seville offers a lot of art and culture. Almost all facets of antiquity are covered. Parts of ruins can be admired behind glass, jewelry from the 6th century and even parts of houses from the 5th century with mosaic floors. There are several tours where you can be accompanied by a guide.

#8. Museo de Bellas Artes
The Museum of Fine Arts in Seville shows many beautiful works of art from history, but also by artists of today. In particular, there is some work by the Spanish masters Velázques, Murillo and Zurbarán. The museum is located in a former convent called ‘Convento de la Merced Calzada’.

#9. La Maestranza
Another name for La Maestranza is Plaza de Toros, which means ‘square of the bulls’. This is the place where the traditional bullfights take place. The very large complex offers seating for many thousands of people. In the arena there is also a chapel where the bullfighters ‘matadors’ can pray for a good outcome.

#10. Parks
The green city of Seville has a number of beautiful parks and courtyards. One of the most beautiful parks is the Parque de Maria Luisa. Plaza de España also belongs to this very large park. Two of the most famous museums are also located in this park. These are the Museo Arqueológico and the Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares. Because of the fairytale appearance of this park you soon forget the hustle and bustle of the city of Seville. Beautiful old bridges over the water features and old beautiful buildings can often be found in Parque de Maria Luisa.

Seville, Spain