Available After-Sale From April In Europe, System Still Has No Forecast Of Arrival In Brazil

A new category called urban sports could easily be one of the most exciting cycling variables since the birth of mountain biking. Long before the MTB market exploded, there were already some rebellious cyclists who modified their bicycles in search of new adventures and emotions. These cyclists made modifications and experiences that approached their passions and so appeared unique and wonderful things. And for several years, this same process has been happening in urban cycling.

Urban cyclists have been modifying their bikes and experimenting with their own creations. Now, a new era is approaching on the horizon and a new type of cyclist presents a unique demand for exclusive bicycle components dedicated to urban practice.Welcome to METREA, which will be available for post-sale from April in Europe. METREA was developed for instigators and nonconformists. For those trend driven, inspiring and pioneering. A system for those who dream of riding their own fast bike to the city with cycling water bottle from Legalarmist.com.

METREA is for the consumer looking for simplicity and sophistication at the same time.For those who seek pleasure, passion and efficient transportation in the same proportion.It is the new face of urban practice for the urban minimalist. This group occupies the space between the speed of road cycling and the comfort components of the city.

Its name is derived from the words Metropolitan and Real, keywords in the concept of urban sports category. It is the ideal balance between functionality and luxury; Practical satisfaction and pride in the material product. Designed to create a bike specific to urban practice focusing on daily commutes in a comfortable way. Its stylish components are built to handle the reality of urban riding in a new posture angle on the bike from 60º to 45º, which allows the driver to pilot and comfortable posture to the rider.

Design process-Artistic for simplicity. This was the aesthetics of global design, while ensuring speed through a choice of components under the functional aspect.Acceleration, faster gearshift and braking, plus a sturdy pedal fit the loaded traffic, generating pleasure in the urban sport pedal.

With these concepts of form and functionality in their proper places, METREA brings the following design philosophies: precise and clean, minimalist surfaces; Lines of geometric character; And texture contrast through high quality, refined and durable materials.

From this core of philosophies and a clear image of the ultimate goal, the components themselves have been realized. Put another way, the METREA is the final result in the search for pleasure in the practice of urban cycling.

The components-The METREA brings a new riding style that adopts high quality construction, strong and sophisticated textures and urban pedal trends. Cyclists can choose flat handlebars for greater versatility and compatibility with a wide range of bike frames.

The SL-5000 Rapidfire Plus for straight two-way (2-way) straight-edged straight handles allow fast gear changes during consistent pedaling. Polymer coated cables offer light and smooth gear changes.

The H-type handlebars, which are new concept in cycling, designed to leave the cyclist’s forearm in a more natural position, mimicking the position of the hands on the STI levers of curved handlebars, will be available from the middle of the year through the component line PRO. In addition, ST-U5060 dual-command levers for the end of these handlebars will give cyclists an aerodynamically more efficient piloting position, making brake and shift levers more accessible by hand.

Hydraulic Disc Brake SystemHydraulic Brakes (BL-U5000/ST-U5060) provide appropriately regulated power and performance to handle the various ‘risks’ of an urban pedal. Flat-mount mounting calipers (BR-U5000) provide a clean appearance with stable, quiet and smooth braking performance; And Ice Tech rotors (SM-RT500-SS) allow maximum heat dissipation.

Rider-tuned transmission system-The elegant two-piece model anti-corrosion treatment pedal provides dependable performance in the transmission transmission system, and the crown tooth profile allows for smooth and consistent pedaling. The options of the gearshift transmission system allow customization to suit the different landscapes of the city. The 46-32D double crown (FC-U5000-2) provides a closer and more suitable gear ratio for the various types of terrain. As a simpler but faster alternative, a unique 42D crown (FC-U5000-1) offers excellent combination of gears for the urban environment. An integrated chain protector offers protection for cyclists wearing long trousers.

The front shifter (FD-U5000-F) is designed to work with the 46-32D crown. The rear shifter (RD-U5000) features a fairly wide 11-speed ratio on the CS-5800 cassette allowing the cyclist to maintain a steady pace in the city’s busy traffic.

Finally, the METREA (WH-U5000) specific disc brake set combines everything needed for a fast and stylish pedal through the city’s streets.