With Little Time To Train And Using A Reserve Bike, Cleber Santos Won The Third Place In Santa Cruz Downhill, In The Interior Of Pernambuco

With the approach of Christmas, the routine of cyclist Cleber Santos had to be changed.Thanks to the increase in the number of matches, the card handler slowed his training pace. However, Salgueiro cyclist postman, who along with friend and fellow career Hertz Cavalcante, has overcome several difficulties to enter the sport and has as a motto the phrase “No no hurts”, managed to overcome another challenge last weekend, During the Santa Cruz Downhill dispute in the city of Santa Cruz do Capibaribe-PE.

In addition to the short time to train, Cleber participated in the competition with an old bike. Unaccustomed to the equipment, the cyclist made a mistake in the last descent and was in third place with sports equipment like cycling water bottles.

– In the last two years I was champion and in that year I did not have such a good result. I was trained with a bike and then on the day of the race the bike gave trouble and I had to train with an old one, there I was in third place. But it was good, it was more of an overcoming of challenges because I was used to an equipment and at the time I had to go back to lower equipment-explains Cleber.

The cyclist’s time is being divided between work as a postman, the father, who tries to recover from a stroke, and the children. Bike training is only being done on weekends.

– The volume of correspondence is starting to increase and there is little time left to train, just the weekend. And I still face another obstacle, let’s put it this way, because every day when I finish work I take mine to do physiotherapy in the late afternoon. I spend about three hours doing this. And I still have to get the kids to school. Then he gets well run to train. In the week before the competition I did not get on the bike at all. I did not train anything, only on the day of the competition. It was a very challenging business.

While splitting into various roles, Cleber already knows what the next two-wheel challenge will be. On January 31 and February 1 he will be in the city of Fagundes, Paraíba, in search of another victory.

“This is one of the most difficult tests in the Northeast. The track requires a lot of training and a lot of technique.