Sportism Neo of Sakura

Sakura struggles to bring us new product on the french market and we sum more and more to look forward to them every year! Sakura is becoming more and more in France with quality often reasonably priced products and for 2015 we find the brand with a new range of cannes, The Sakura Sportism Neo.

In 2013 the brand launched the range sportism, ideal to start with more than adequate material quality under 100 canes. It had also been an article on the blog: range of cane Sakura sportism.

With this new range Sakura wants to make it accessible to the largest number of fishermen, rods equipped with quality components that is found on the upper ranges and it is again successful with, for example, rings and door reel Fudji, guarantee of quality!

The range Sportism Neo

After a few presentations, now see more in detail the full range which is composed with not less than 18 models, what necessarily find the cane fits his fishing technique of big fish with tips from PHONECATIONS!

Let’s start with the models spinning, ten in all! With two models for fine trout fisheries or rockfishing and streetfishing UL, a model L and a ML for fisheries under water medium with lures of 2 to 10 g, both at sea and in fresh water, both M and four HD for fisheries more heavy! All feature fast to regular fast action.

Castings, seven models models! A good full range with the weights corresponding to the current fisheries ranging from the versatile 7 / 28 gr-28 / 150 gr ideal to launch and to handle the big check or spinnerbait XXL.

I said 18 models in the range Sportism Neo and yet I have presented you only 17…The latest model is a bit unusual and brings a real innovation on the market with a cane convertible spinning/casting, quickly and simply, even at the water’s edge! Ideal when you practice spinning for years and the casting you try but that the budget you slows down a bit or even when you go on a trip!

At the moment there is only one model in the range, the sportism neo All in one with a power of 7 / 30gr and actionable regular fast for an average price of €110.

Still a great success for Sakura that stands out more and more competition. Sportism Neo is quality at moderate price. A casting rod, to allow about €100 and for the spinning, the range starts at € 90. It’s accessible to as many quality fishing gear, SAKURA!