Back It is a part that we have very much in training, but do we really choose suitable exercises to work it the most?. In previous post we have seen the importance of pull-ups in the exercise, but there are other ways of working to maximize this part of the body.

In the majority of routines that we observe in the gym, we see that when working back, most people opt for exercises with machine, leaving aside the Dumbells as crude and old fashioned. But many are in favour of working with them, and it is that they enable much better isolate each muscle and concentrate the force in the area. An example of exercise that many forget as obsolete is the rowing with dumbbell.

As if rowing were, this exercise puts to work directly dorsal muscles, which are that they will withstand all pressure from the exercise. It’s a classic that we can perform simply with the help of a bench and a dumbbell. Good training with the paddle back is that to work each part separately and direct weighing results are higher and we apply to every area of the body the same intensity to avoid decompensation.

This exercise is very simple, simply serves to use a horizontal bench that you are going to serve as a support. In this way, we have to place us on the Bank follows. If we are going to work with the left side of the back, place your right hand on the bench with the palm facing down. We support the right leg on the bench so that it is flexed by the knee. Stretch the left leg back resting on the ground.

The trunk should be horizontal and your back straight. In this way, and the left arm holding the dumbbell, we must bend the arm as if we were paddling, so let us start from a position in which the arm is stretched with the dumbbell to another in which the forearm is horizontal and parallel to the trunk, always holding the dumbbell as if it were part of the own arm. We have to pay attention to the back, since it always has to be straight, and to concentrate the maximum thrust of the exercise in the dorsal.

The same technique will be used to train the other side of the back. In any case we must adopt positions forced the retorzamos back or make any swing that does not allow us to run the exercise with the muscles that should be involved in it, since the effectiveness of this will decrease and the results will not be the same. Therefore it is best to start with low weight to adapt and go gradually increasing.