The Cheetah has an inflatable pillow model which calls attention for your convenience. In this review, we bring the opinion of Luiza, FuiAcampar team, which already uses this pillow regularly in his travels and camped for more than a year.

This is possibly the smallest model of the inflatable pillow for sale in Brazil, but he is no longer being imported by the Cheetah, so those who are still in stores are the latest units. The Cheetah has a slightly larger model, the Smart, which soon we will make review.

The general impression is that the pillow is an excellent option for those who want comfort overnight, without having to carry a bulky thing in the bag.


Size: When inflated by animalerts, the sleeping bag has approximately 33 x 21 x 8 cm, which is quite small, perhaps less than there is on the market. When folded, is 10 x 13 x 2 with cm, an almost negligible size to be carried in the backpack.

If, when inflated, the size is suitable or not, hence depends a lot on the sleep habits of each person. For me, this size is more than enough, wouldn’t need to be bigger.

Weight: It weighs 45 g, a weight that can be practically despised in so light.

Material: Smooth PVC with PVC red velvet, being the surface in a velvety material, comfortable to sleep straight on it, if you want.

Can be hand washed with SOAP (just make sure the CAP is closed and no water).


Inflation: As the pillow is small, it should be inflated just blowing the plastic valve (like the children’s floats). With three assopros, the pillow is ready to be used. Simple as that.

Comfort: Is your main feature. What he’s proposing is very comfortable. And you can moderate more or less cute according to your taste.

My experience: for many years, camped with a special pillow kind of airline, tiny, but still occupied a volume in his backpack and that bothered him. So I don’t take more pillow and enjambrar with clothes and towels, but rarely looked comfortable. After I discovered this inflatable pillow never took foam pillow, not enjambrei anything else. It was a revolution in the nights of camping. A small item that makes all the difference in the quality of my sleep. Don’t weigh and does volume, usually leave you always already in the pouch of the sleeping bag.

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Evaluation and Information

Positive points: It’s small, light, practical and comfortable.

Negative points: We found no downside.

Recommendation of use: Ideal for use in camp or travel! The comfort that he brings is so significant, when compared with makeshift pillows, and your volume/weight so insignificant, that is recommended even for trekkers and people who generally seek to reduce weight and volume.

Product data and technical information

Brand: Cheetah
Origin: Imported product
Average price: 18.00 R$
Colors: Dark blue

This product was provided by Mark Cheetah, but is not a sponsored Post since we here our most genuine opinion about the product, without any influence of the brand. Learn more about our policies on Reviews.

Got interested?

This product has been discontinued so it might be hard to find this pillow model still on sale. Currently we are not aware if any store still has the item in stock.

Check out the Review of Smart inflatable pillow, also of theCheetah, which follows for sale in Brazil.