Production Of Globonews Approached The Bicycle As A Means Of Transportation, Highlighting Its Integration With Other Modalities

The report “Bicicletas 1 e 2”, featured in GloboNews’s Cidades e Soluções program, was the winner of the CNT Grand Prize for Journalism 2015. The initial motivation of the journalistic work developed by André Trigueiro and his team was to look closely at the current debate Around the use of the bicycle as a means of urban transport.

The report dealt with mobility, cycle paths, integration with other modes, cyclist safety, support services, controversy in São Paulo and the arguments of experts. In addition, the experience of bicycle users in other locations around the world, such as in the case of Holland, has also been shared on cartoon flasks.

The economic data of the sector were also presented. It is estimated that currently there are 70 million bicycles in Brazil, of which 10% are imported, 20% produced in the Manaus Free Zone and the rest in the rest of the country. As well, the problem of the lack of a fiscal policy that stimulates the use of the bicycle in the country.

“In recent years, many issues have been raised by society and the debate has gained new contours and protagonists. Therefore, we realize the importance of bringing this information to the public, “explains Trigueiro.

The Report

The journalist believes that one of the aspects that stood out in his report was the care in balancing the opinions about the main topic with the participation of specialists. “We have brought sources with a lot of experience, such as the excellent contribution of Zé Lobo, founder of the NGO Transportes Ativo,” he adds.

Another point that Trigueiro points out was the participation of the videographer Sebastião Miotto, in the part of the visual narrative of the report. “He did a great deal of control of the image when filming my interview with Zé Lobo. The footage of our conversation was produced while we were on the bikes in motion, which required a lot of professional skill,”he praises.

For him, choosing the bike as the winning theme of this contest reveals the importance that this culture is gaining. “I believe we need to optimize urban mobility, create options.And it is in this context that the bicycle has more utility: in the integration with public transport, when it can be used for smaller routes with the support of other means, “he concludes.

In addition to being editor-in-chief of the Cities and Solutions program, Trigueiro is the author of “Sustainable World-Opening Space in the Media for a Changing Planet” (Ed Globo, 2005) and Sustainable World 2-New Directions for a Planet in Crisis “(Ed. Globo, 2012.) He holds a postgraduate degree in Environmental Management from COPPE/UFRJ, where he teaches” Environmental Geopolitics”, he is also professor and creator of the Environmental Journalism course at PUC/RJ.