Ras Umm El Sid, Egypt

By | December 23, 2022

Between the bays of Naama Bay and Sharm El Maya lies the cozy bay of Ras Um El Sid. Above it, above the beginning of the Strait of Tiran (Tiran), a cape rises, crowned with a lighthouse, and a real treasure is hidden under the water, forcing tourists to choose this particular area of ​​Sharm el-Sheikh for their vacation. The name of this natural wealth is corals. It would seem that in many bays of the resort there are picturesque reefs teeming with marine life, you can always go to the national park to get to know the underwater world better… Nevertheless, it is here that those who wish to admire the coral thickets of extraordinary beauty are brought. Staying at the hotels of Ras Umm el Sid, you don’t have to go anywhere, and the developed infrastructure of the coast of the bay will make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Note: according to allcitypopulation, the population of Egypt is 104.3 million (2021).

Shopping and stores

Directly in Ras Umm El Sid, on the coast, the shopping is not very good. There are several shops at hotels, on the territory of hotel complexes you can find pharmacies, buy excursions. But the prices, of course, are somewhat overpriced, the assortment is poor. Therefore, for all purchases, tourists often go to Hadaba or Sharm El Maya. There are shopping and entertainment centers, numerous cafes, souvenir tents and shops, ATMs, exchange offices, etc. All this is not far from the coast of the bay, it is easy to walk to the Old Market, literally in half an hour you will be there. However, the convenience of vacationers is above all: many hotels run free buses to the Old Town and Naama Bay.

The beaches of Ras Umm el Sid

The shores of the bay are divided into beaches, each of which is run by a hotel. In some of them, the beaches are rather narrow, multi-level, and in order to plunge into the sea, you need to overcome the stairs. It is not difficult, the descents to the water are not steep, they are equipped with railings, the steps are of suitable length and height, convenient for children and the elderly, you just need to take your time. Most of the beaches of the bay are equipped with pontoons so that you can easily get to the main beauties – coral gardens. However, children also have a place to swim: there are sandy areas where it is safe to enter the water. True, the bottom almost immediately goes deep, so parents should not relax.

The beaches are equipped with everything necessary for relaxation, there are awnings and sunbeds. The microclimate is mild, it is rarely windy here, even in winter, and the sea has a surprisingly deep color, which is generally scarce where you see it. Reefs are often fenced with buoys so that numerous boats and catamarans that bring divers to Ras Umm el Sid do not swim behind them. For the same reason, those wishing to swim in clear water and relative privacy need to get up early.

The beaches have names, which sometimes creates confusion. A good example is the two namesake beaches of EL Fanar. One of them is a hotel, free for guests, and the second, equipped on a cape, not far from the monument to the French who died in a plane crash, is paid for everyone. Entrance there costs 5 USD, for this money you are provided with a towel, a bottle of water and the right to use an excellent pontoon.

Attractions and attractions of Ras Umm el Sid

With entertainment, things are the same as with shopping: for them you need to go to neighboring areas. In the bay itself, they come down to hotel animation (and then how lucky), visiting hotel sports grounds, massage courses, spa treatments, etc.

Diving in Ras Umm El Sid

Whichever bay hotel you choose, a vivid impression of the rich underwater world and spectacular coral walls is guaranteed. You can meet marine life by snorkelling (a process called snorkelling), but it’s best to dive underwater. Only in this way it will be possible to see all the beauties of coral rocks and gorges in full and get acquainted with an even greater number of marine life, from lionfish to moray eels.

In Ras Umm el Sid, almost every hotel has dive centers, as well as separate diving schools. Accompanying instructors will help you overcome the underwater currents near the reefs and show you the most spectacular sections of the walls, overgrown with corals and going into the abyss. Already the first diving experiences at 14-20 m, thanks to the remarkable transparency of the water (visibility is 20 m and this is not the limit!), will show you much more than what you could see from the surface of the sea.

Ras Umm El Sid, Egypt