Push-Ups and Abdominal: Exercises Star for The Summer

With the emergence of the first rays of Sun are beginning to emerge for the gyms first stakeholders in the & #8220;operation bikini“. For muscular body there are number of exercises, that already know it, but the exercises star tend to be them push-ups and abdominal.

The reason is easy, with these two simple exercises we worked much of the upper train: pectoral, dorsal, triceps, serratos and abdominal, that finally and after is what interests a lot of people for the summer, look pectoral and abdominal.

Is not that he has nothing against the push-ups y abdominal, Moreover, they are very useful when you don’t have dumbbells or weight-training machines. But focus exclusively on these two exercises is a mistake because the body is customary and not given the variability that need to move forward in the training.

Another of the drawbacks is that can result in excess or bad job with push-ups shoulder injuries at the level of the rotator cuff, so it is important to make a good warm-up before and be careful about the technique.

The same thing happens with the abdominals, the technique is vital to not injure back or neck. In abdominal if you more variety of exercises can be put to do always the typical crunch now it become boring when it passed 30 repeats.

You can reach the conclusion that push-ups y abdominal they are very grateful exercises for the upper train work, but not considering them as daily exercises that must be done until we can no more. Insert this with the work of weights and a good aerobic work will provide the basis to begin the operation bikini.