In many cases the exercises we do usually end up being something to which the body gets used. In these cases the effect ceases to be the desired, and this is why we have to add a little bit of difficulty so that the results are still felt.

One of the parts of the body that we have to work harder is push-up, since larger muscles being fibrillar concentration is higher, so we have to work more to see best results. A good way to train the chest for people more expert in this training are the prono funds with dumbbells.

The prone dumbbell are a variety of traditional funds that we have carried out all life. The only difference is that we are going to add a bit of difficulty to make work more parts of our body and make the exercise more intense. To achieve this rather than rely on the ground will do it on two dumbbells that will be moved and we bestow instability that we have to save.

To do the exercise we will get two dumbbells that turn easily, since throughout the exercise, we’re going to slide. We will start with the dumbbells together and the arms are outstretched as if we were to do traditional funds. In this position we must lower by bending your elbows until you reach nearly the ground with his chest. During this tour the cufflinks should slide the sides opening.

Throughout the year we have to keep the back straight. It is important that we are in control of the balance and focus all the strength in the chest and abdomen, to keep your back straight, it is important to get it. Certainly it is an exercise that is not recommended for beginners, since to develop it properly we must have sufficient strength and body control to be able to do it well.

With this exercise we will work the pectoralis major, the deltoid, biceps and ABS front of to keep them contracted throughout the entire development. It’s a full year It involves many fibers and helps us to achieve amazing results that we will not achieve with other exercises. Also it has a direct impact on the training of the balance and body control.