Within the wide range of abdominal exercises there is one that most of us performs or has performed on occasion. It is of the elevation of pelvis, very effective if done properly, but very damaging if not we carry it out properly.

We work with pelvis lift the lower part of the abdominal muscles, but it is important that this exercise is performed correctly, since in the majority of cases the thrust exercise it with the lumbar part or legs, because we want to raise both the pelvis that we forget that the effort has to borne by the abdominal wall. Why not we must overlook some points to keep in mind to do well the elevation of pelvis.

This exercise is very effective on the road to get some abdominals strong and well marked, especially at the bottom, which tends to be that more difficult to train. This is why this exercise is a regular in many routines, but we need to know is if we don’t want to develop a series of side effects such as back or pelvic pain.

The way of doing It is simple, and is first and foremost we must focus the thrust in the lower abdominal part, in any case should be the back that hold the pressure nor much less the legs. We must place lying face-up, and put your arms under the buttocks with the palms of his hands flat on the floor, so that we can not act with them.

In this position and lifting your legs at a right angle, must try to raise them as much as possible by concentrating all strength in the abdomen. It is not necessary that we lift up a span of the floor or much less, just have to notice the pressure of exercise in the worked part. So we will help you imagine we have a loop that pulls our legs and someone above pulling him for getting up. If we think that we will make much better exercise, since we do not turn the legs inward or outward.

Paramount is that the back to stay glued to the ground, then lift much the lumbar and pelvic part triggers a series of small strokes whenever we touch the soil that can end up affecting this part of the body. To avoid this we must raise awareness that the work it will do with the abdomen, never with the back. To get it simply we simply note the impulse that we exercise in the abdominal area, although not lift up even a centimeter of soil, because that little by little we will get stronger and we will be able to perform this exercise much better.

It is important that we bear this in mind to avoid trouble and possible disorders resulting from a bad realization of the different workout routines. For this, it is important to raise awareness and not trying to do something that we can not or for what our physical is not prepared. Like everything else in fitness, the abdominal work is also a matter of time and patience.