The abdominal they are an inexhaustible source of doubts and new exercises that we can not ignore. Nevertheless there are some ways to train them that always tend to be present in different training tables. An example is the crunch ABS which can be on ground or in machine, and we are going to analyze the differences between both ways of training in this way.

Most of the time we attend the gym tend to see many people performing abdominal crunch machine, but this is really effective in obtaining a good abdominal? There is the possibility of this exercise in soil, and therefore it is necessary that we know the advantages and disadvantages to do this in one way or another.

When working in soil we must keep in mind that the back will suffer much less than if we do it in the machine. It is true that machines are prepared to work in this part of the body, but in many cases do not adapt perfectly to the shape of our body, and can be a very uncomfortable way to affect this muscle group, since in most cases it’s a forced movement that normally impinge on the back , since the exercise stress moves of the abdominal area to the side of the lumbar.

When working in soil with this exercise we keep the back fully on the surface, What helps us to maintain a correct posture and avoid the overhead of this part of the body. This is more difficult to machine. Although it is true that by keeping legs elevated when we perform this exercise on the ground we can reach concentrate tension in the lumbar area, while machine legs remain fixed to the grips, so the tour is guided and in no case run the risk that the legs are the culprits of overloading the lumbar area.


When working in soil the movement is much more free If we do it in the machine, which allows us to better adapt ourselves to our physical potential, driving us only the abdomen not always we are able to raise the body at all, but that we’ll simply force of which we are capable. On the other hand in crunch machine we are required to make the move us dictating the appliance, and in many cases does not adapt to our physical qualities, which makes Let’s hand of other muscles to be able to exercise and thus overloading other areas of the body.

When performing the crunch on the floor much more incidiremos in the abdominal area that if you train it on the machine, since we We concentrate much more on the machined part, Since we do not have to be outstanding grips and other appliqués that involves work in this type of machines. But in many cases it may be easier to do them on the machine on the ground, because all the movement is guided, above all in the case of those who start doing sit-ups that must do so low to make them properly by concentrating all the thrust in the abdominal area.